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Sunday, August 3, 2014

That Time We Tried to Go to the Fair

A few weekends ago we tried to go to the county 4H fair...except that it was apparently so hot that they took all the animals away!

I was so mad because we had been planning on going once Alan got back from Georgia. We essentially spent $20 to park, walk around for 30 minutes and let the kids play two games. We left after that and went to Old Chicago for dinner.

Needless to say, we won't be going back next year. I think we'll stick to the Kentucky State Fair from now on!


  1. I have never taken the kids and felt kind of bad about it, but now I guess it might have been a good thing!

  2. It was the last day and since the judging was done and it was so hot, everyone took their animals home. It would've been nice for them to tell us that because we wouldn't have gone otherwise. I was quite mad about it actually because I felt like we wasted money.

  3. oh no! haha, too bad. lucky for me, the county fair we went to is free to get in!

  4. Yeah, I was really mad. I have since found out that apparently they always take the animals home by Saturday afternoon. I don't know if we'll go next year or not, but at least we know now!

  5. The Indiana State Fair is awesome but if you want to go see the animals, you really want to go during the first week of the fair. After judging the animals leave and that's what I like to see the most. Of course getting in for $2 on Tuesdays and getting the special $2 concessions make me smile too. :)

  6. We live three hours away from Indy, so going during the week isn't a possibility unless we take vacation time :( However, my in-laws live in Louisville, which is where they Kentucky State Fair is, so we usually go every year.


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