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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Indy Weekend

This past weekend we traveled to Indianapolis to meet up with a college friend of mine, Steph, her husband Chris and their son Theo, who came down from Chicago. We went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum, mainly to see the Terra Cotta Soldiers exhibit, but also to let the kids run around :-) 

The only time I have been to the children's museum was when I was in first grade, so it's been awhile. It's huge! We were there four hours and only made it through half of the museum. 

We spent the majority of our time in the Playscape, which is an area specifically for kids five and under but we also spent some time in the video game exhibit and Ewan rode the carousel. My favorite was definitely the video games. Let's just say that I got to show up some 12 year olds who couldn't figure out the original Mario :-) 

Oh! I can't forget! Ewan was so excited to beat Daddy down the slide. Silly kid!

We went to dinner at Steak n Shake afterwards before parting ways. We haven't seen them since Ewan was three months old so it was really nice to catch up. One of these days we'll get up to Chicago to visit them!


  1. That looks like an absolute blast! I can't wait until Britton's a tiny bit older and I can take her to the children's museum here in Charleston. It's not as gigantic as the one you got to go to, but I've heard good things about it! :)

  2. I can't believe you haven't taken Britton yet! We loved the children's museum in Charleston. The kids were so mad when we left.

  3. that looks like an amazing museum!

  4. If you're ever in Indiana you really need to go!


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