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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Travel Thursday: Galena, Illinois

The same week we went to House on the Rock as part of a grad school field trip, we also spent a day in Galena, Illinois.

Galena 010

Galena is located in the northwest corner of Illinois and is a very historic town. The photo above is the main street through the town and it's historic storefronts are almost completely intact, which is pretty rare. In fact 85% of the town is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, which is pretty cool.

Galena 035

We got to take an historic architecture tour and then were able to venture out on our own. Probably my favorite thing about the town was all the historic houses on the hill above Main Street.

Galena 029

Galena 030

Galena is a great place to go for a weekend getaway but probably not for a longer trip. The town is very touristy and Main Street is filled with little shops that cater to the tourists, but it's still very very cool. This part of Illinois is also very hilly, unlike almost the rest of the state. It was a pleasant surprise to see when we got there!


Meet Bekah. We've been blog friends for quite awhile now and I'm so excited one of my crunchy buddies is finally one of my blogs of the month!

1. She started dating her husband when she was 19.
2. She decided she could go vegetarian after attempting one recipe...that was a year and a half ago!
3. She has almost no hearing in her left ear. A surgery to fix that failed but she may try one more time.


  1. We went to Galena, IL as a child... I remember going into the Galena mines... but, not much more than that. I'll have to go back as an adult! I have something in common with Bekah - I lost hearing in my left ear about 9 months ago... still working with doctors to see if there is anything they can do. We'll see!

  2. What an adorable spot! I love exploring little towns like that...and imagining what it be like to live in one of those old houses. I've always wanted to live in an old house--one day!

  3. Love the old, historical architecture. What a fun place!

  4. Me too! Alan wants to live in a mid-century modern house. We've always said that we'd compromise and buy a bungalow...but we bought a 1960's split level instead haha

  5. Oh no! That has to be so disconcerting to not be able to hear out of one ear.

  6. I love little towns like these. And the homes are like works of art. It is so rare these days and this particular town looks so nice and authentic. Thanks for sharing.

  7. We're architectural historians so we love places like these too. I wish I had the time to be able to visit more!

  8. I like small towns with allot of history.. All the homes are like museum pieces..

  9. Great pictures. I really love old historic houses. I want an old house so bad but I feel like they may require quite a bit of money to bring up to current codes at least here in Oklahoma.

  10. Very nice, I love seeing pics of different places. I haven't been to Ilinois yet.

  11. We used to visit my aunts and uncles in the Chicago area every summer when I was a kid and now I live about 30 minutes from the state line so I've been a lot.

  12. I love all those historic buildings!


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