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Monday, May 12, 2014

What Do You Have in Your Backyard?

Now that my herb garden is finished and going strong (a post about it is coming, I promise!), I've been thinking about the rest of my backyard. There's stuff for the kids, their play house and swing set, but playing in the yard is really my thing. The previous owners of our house had really awesome landscaping but we've kind of let the border go since we bought the house. I was pregnant when we moved in and it was about 100 bazillion degrees that summer, so it got way overgrown. Oops! We keep the jungle trimmed, but I really would like to do something with it other than just keep it tamed. 

Even though we belong to a CSA, I still planted some greens in the herb garden and tomatoes, peppers and green beans in containers. We've been throwing around the idea of putting a raised bed vegetable garden where part of the border garden is since we moved in. It's getting kind of late in the game this growing season though, so if we want to do a raised bed we really need to do it soon. We saw a raised bed kit in the lawn and garden section a couple weekends ago, but we've been debating whether we want to build our own raised bed or just buy it.

I've also been thinking about the back corner of the yard, which is the worst of the jungle. There's some crazy ferns and Lily of the Valley that are growing beneath a Crabapple tree back there, but we've been wanting to dig out the ferns and weeds to put something else back there. I was thinking of putting up a hammock. We had a rope one tied between a couple trees at the lake growing up and I remember hanging out in it and having so much fun with my friends up there. I've got my eye on a couple at YardEnvy.com but it would definitely have to be one that's on a stand because I doubt the fence would be able to support one. I was in ours when it collapsed once and that was definitely not any fun!

We've also got this really ugly bird feeder in the yard that we want to replace. I thinking making a bird feeder with the kids would be a really fun craft to do with them. I remember making a bird feeder using a pinecone, peanut butter and birdseed as a kid. That's so easy and I know that the kids would have a blast doing it. I also think it would be really cool to use everyday objects to make one as well. Maybe using a yard sale chandalier?

We also have a couple projects for the front yard too, but they're not all that interesting - things like replacing the much and such.

Do you have any yard projects for the summer?

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