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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Travel Thursday: Cape May

One really nice spring weekend when we lived in PA, Alan and I decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Cape May and Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Cape May is named for the Cape on which it's situated, at the southernmost tip of New Jersey. It was a Victorian resort town and is now known for its Victorian architecture.

There was a little festival going on while we were there that we explored and we had some Rita's while we walked along the beach. There are several things I miss about the East Coast and one of them is Rita's...I would be ecstatic if one opened up within 100 miles of me!

We found this on the beach, an abandoned WWII bunker. While you can't get inside, it was cool to see. 

We also went up to the top of the Cape May lighthouse, where we had some incredible views.

 Bonus points if you can spot Noah!

After we spent the day in Cape May, we drove up the shore to Atlantic City, where we spent the night...stay tuned next week to read all about it!

Please meet Stephanie, who blogs over at Wife Mommy Me

She is a Scorpio...along with her husband and son.

 Her all-time favorite movie is Gone With the Wind...and she can watch it over and over again.

She would love nothing more than to retire to the Carolinas one day. 


  1. That bunker would be awesome to see! I love Victorian architecture!

  2. I would love to explore all the neat historical sites up and down the East Coast. Great pictures!

  3. Looks really pretty! That WWII bunker looks pretty cool too...!

  4. Cape May is about the only thing I like about the shore! I prefer Lewes, DE.

  5. It was so random to see it on the beach, but they were all over the place along the east coast during WWII.

  6. I have never seen a lighthouse first hand but am in love with the idea of visiting a cozy beach town with a lighthouse. It's the little things that excite me. Thanks for spotlighting me! Happy Friday!

  7. Really? I love to go up in them, they've got great views!


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