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Thursday, May 8, 2014

So Glad It's the Weekend!

I'm not gonna lie. This week has sucked! Monday my car broke down during 5PM traffic on one of the busiest roads in town. Luckily I was able to coast into the median and Alan wasn't too far away so he could come get me. However, my car basically needs a new engine so it's done and we're going to try to sell it for what we can get and use that as part of a downpayment on a new car. 

The best part about all of this? We put $500 worth of new tires on it...TWO WEEKS AGO! We had made the decision to put new tires on it and just drive it until it died so we could pay down more debt before getting a new car. We were hoping to get another year or so out of it. Apparently, we were only going to get a couple weeks. It blows. 

We're also having to get a new garage door because that it the only affordable solution to the flooding problem. Hopefully. So there's another nice chunk of change out the window.

And how could I forget? I freaking have ringworm! You know that crazy ezcema/psorasis thing on my hand I posted about several months ago? Yeah. It's gotten way worse and a few weeks ago someone suggested that it might actually be ringworm and not ezcema like my doctor insisted it was. So, I decided to experiment with breast milk to see if it helped any because of breast milk's amazing antifungal properties. You can imagine my surprise when it started to go away on my hand. I've been applying lotrimin and tea tree oil daily and it's almost gone on my hand...except that I now have a spot on my leg and my foot. Ugh....

We're going on vacation in a couple weeks and honestly, if our hotel wasn't non-refundable, we would probably be having a staycation. Again. It is what it is so we're going to enjoy ourselves, but all this extra money that we don't really have is definitely a dark cloud hanging over our shoulders at the moment. 

I'm just so glad that it's the weekend and we can hopefully put this horrible week behind us.


  1. Bummer on the car. It might be worth getting the engine rebuilt. I killed a car a few years ago too. The timing belt broke and it damaged the engine.

  2. The car is nine years old and worth way less than what it would cost to put in a new engine. The timing belt broke on mine too. We're just going to put the car on Craigslist to try to get the cost of the tires back.

  3. That sucks about your car and garage door. Stay tough, happy weekend and glad you found out it was ringworm and found a good remedy :)

  4. Yeah, I just wish I had known what it was months ago so I wouldn't still be dealing with it. It sucks to have giant red splotches all over you!

  5. Good luck. I am sure someone will pay for the car for part none the less.

  6. I hope your weekend was better than your week!

  7. I really hope you had a great weekend and a fabulous Mother's Day (sounds like you did!) I always tell myself when things seem can only go up from here or hit rock bottom; either way the sky is in my future!

  8. It's almost completely gone on my hand, and getting there on my leg, thank goodness!


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