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Friday, May 16, 2014

#SargentoUltraThin Vox Box!

A few weeks ago I FINALLY got a VoxBox from Influenster! I've been whining lately because I've seen so many people get one, even the same person over and over, and the last time I did was August 2013.

So you can imagine how excited I was to finally get that email :-)

I received two coupons to try Sargento's Ultra Thin cheese slices and a really cute lunch bag. I wound up deciding to try the Baby Swiss and Colby Jack slices and while I hate to write a bad review...well...I must confess that after eating raw cheese for so long that this stuff just tasted like crap. It didn't help that the whole time all I could think about was all the added hormones that are probably in it because the milk didn't come from grassfed cows and all the other crap that's been added in during processing.

I tried it with apples, on burgers and even alone, but the Colby Jack was just gross. It was sooo thin that the slices stuck together and instead of eating just one slice you wound up eating about four because that's how many came our of the package at a time...and that's if you were patient enough to pick all the paper out. For a cheese that's supposed to be a super low calorie snack, having to eat four at a time because you can't only get one out of the package doesn't seem like a great snack to me.

The Swiss did fare a little better in that it didn't taste quite as bad, thankfully. But, I can honestly say that my favorite thing about the #SargentoUltraThin VoxBox is the lunch bag. Influenster, how about you test out some organic options next time?

I received this product complimentary from Influenster and all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. That's so unfortunate you didn't like the cheeses. I agree with you that they should be doing more organic options. I tried the provolone and the pepper jack cheeses, they were both pretty good! Better luck with your next VoxBox!

  2. I eat pretty much only raw cheese now so anything that's conventional tastes funny to me now. The Swiss wasn't so bad, but I'm afraid to try anything else. The lunch bag however? I use it all the time!

  3. I usually use the shredded cheeses and if I buy sliced cheese I usually opt for Mozzarella, Swiss, or Pepperjack. I agree I like my cheese to taste good.

  4. Yay that you got a Voxbox! But bummer that the cheese wasn't so great =( Cute bag tho! I am picky about cheese myself. If it says "cheese food" on it, ya might as well forget it, I am not eatin it lol

  5. ha! hahahaa! welcome to the influenster haters club ;) yeah it was 6 months between boxes for me - I like sargento cheese but I'm also not as spoiled as you (though we're moving to greektown in Bmore and I'm already getting picky about my feta!)

  6. Sorry you didn't like the cheese! That lunch bag is super cute though!

  7. I think they do go on a cycle of some sorts. I got two emails within days of each other but one said I didn't qualify and the other was this. Who knows!

  8. We've been ordering raw cheese from a farmer a couple counties away and it's sooo good! Going back to the conventional stuff? Not so much!


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