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Saturday, May 31, 2014

June Goals and May Recap

My goals for May were:
  • Budget. We didn't stick to our budget. At all. However, my car died the first week of May so we wound up getting a new one plus we had to get a new garage door and we went on vacation. So, I don't really count this one. 
  • Finish planning for vacation. Done! We're actually on our way back today.
  • Not be so stressed about my blog. I've lightened up on posts again this month and I'll admit, it's been really nice
  • Start canning/freezing our CSA veggies when it starts up again. I thought our first pickup was going to be May 17, but it was actually May 24, and then we left to for vacation the next day so I didn't get much of a chance to can/freeze anything.
  • Eat paleo the entire month of May. Ahem...I was actually following the Candida Diet until my car died...and then we went to Teppanyaki and it's been all downhill since. June will be better.
  • Continue to work out three days a week. I've been averaging about twice a week.
I didn't meet many goal in May, but to be honest, I'm not surprised with everything that's been going on. I'm doing my best not to be hard on myself because I will get back into the swing of things in June!
  • Budget, budget, budget!
  • Eat paleo the entire month. 
  • Start canning/freezing our CSA and garden bounty.
  • Sort stuff for our yard sale. 
  • Register for and train for 5K in August. Yes, you read that right. I'm going to do my first 5K!




  1. Don't worry about not meeting your goals. Think about the things you accomplished!

  2. I fell off the goal bandwagon again....I need to get back into writing goals for the month b/c it did keep me motivated to get things done.

  3. Ahhhh so jealous of your CSA - I'm dying for the farmers' markets to open and to start canning soon - and I really really need a tomato sandwich!

  4. If you lived here, I would totally give you my share this week. And some herbs because my garden has gone crazy! We are swimming in greens right now. I can't keep up!

  5. I really miss canning and would love to start up again. Thanks for sharing


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