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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How Do You Aioli? #EasyAioli with #RedGoldRecipes

This post was sponsored by Red Gold Tomatoes. However, all opinions are my own. 
What is aioli? It's that mayonnaise based spread that you find on sandwiches, in dips and even fish tacos. To celebrate spring finally arriving Red Gold tomatoes has introduced ten easy aioli recipes. From savory, to zesty, to bold, to spicy, to global - there's an aioli for everyone. 

So, how do I aioli? I actually don't like mayonnaise, so I make mine with Greek yogurt instead. Super yummy! You can find all of Red Gold's aioli recipes here.

Pizza with garlic aioli using Red Gold Garlic & Olive Oil tomatoes and 1/2 c Greek Yogurt.

Red Gold is launching the "How Do You Aioli?' contest on their Facebook page from May 7-28. All you need to do is select which aioli you like best to enter to win one of three prize packs that includes a Cuisinart Elite Griddler, a Red Gold apron and several other items. I definitely entered because I want that griddler!

Good luck!

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