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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

So...we got a car for Mother's Day! I had seen a 2012 Caliber online Friday night and we decided to go check it out Saturday morning, but of course it had been sold. So we looked at a couple other cars we had seen online and wound up buying a 2013 Elantra. It was such a whirlwind thing and I'm still kind of like wow, I can't believe we just bought a car. 

We went to dinner last night instead of today because it was going to be crazy. We went to a local Mexican place that's right down the road from us and got a really nice surprise. Kids eat free on Saturdays! We normally split a kids meal between Ewan and Cecily and it was so nice for them to each have their own and not right over who gets what. Mexican is a weakness of mine so we'll definitely be returning in the future. 

This morning the kids gave me a card and we painted flower pots. We were going to plant some flowers in  them after they dried this afternoon, but it rained so we'll do it sometime this week.

The original plan had been to go to the children's museum and then have a picnic at a local park, but since it rained, we just went to the museum...except that we didn't realize it opened at noon on Sundays. Oops! 

Ewan was devastated because he thought we weren't going at all. Poor kid. However, we just walked around a couple stores and went to lunch waiting for it to open. Once we finally got there, the kids had a blast! A new exhibit recently opened and we hadn't been yet and I think that both kids could've stayed there the entire time and would've been happy. Give them a play kitchen and they're good to go!

We just hung out around the house the rest of the day because it rained on and off, but it was a great day despite the rain!

How did you spend your Mother's Day?


  1. We are on our second Elantra, this time we got the GT. My husband loves it. Just make sure you have the timing belt changed around 60K and then 60K miles after that.

    They cooked me chicken for dinner while I nuked some taters, corn, and french bread. It was an awesome dinner.

  2. Congrats on the new car! Sorry about the rain, but those flower pots are super cute!

  3. My husband has a 2006 Elantra and loves it. I've only ever driven Dodges so it will take a little getting used to. But, it's so nice to not have a junk car anymore!

  4. We're excited about the car :-) I'm especially excited because I didn't think we would even look until June so I don't have to deal with being a one car family.

  5. Sometimes the best things are not planned. That is a great idea to paint flowerpots! :-)


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