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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Travel Thursday: House on the Rock

When Alan and I were in grad school, we went to the National Trust for Historic Preservation's conference in St. Paul, Minnesota. The conference happened to fall during field trip week in the College of Architecture so our class made a week long trip out of it. One of the places we went to on the way back to Muncie was House on the Rock in Wisconsin. 

HOTR 008

Alan and I went here when everyone else on the trip went to Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright's studio that was nearby. I know, why would we pass up a chance to go to Taliesin? Because Alan was so excited to get the opportunity to go to House on the Rock.

It's this house designed by Alex Jordan that is built on a hilltop and is all decked out in 70s shag carpet and velour furniture. It has the Infinity Room, pictured above, that extends out over the hill, something like 100 feet below. For the girl that's afraid of heights...yeah. Let's just say it was definitely interesting being out at the end and the room is bouncing!

HOTR 030

The tour goes through the house and then you go into all these rooms of the guy's "collections." It's full of giant beer steins, instruments, stained glass, a calliope and a carousel full of dolls. Personally, I thought it was just full of junk, but Alan absolutely loved it.

HOTR 033

The place did, however, give me a lot of random things to pose with for photos!

Have you ever been to House on the Rock? What did you think?

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  1. I have been to House on the Rock several times, as you know I am originally from WI. You should take your kids there when they are about 7 or so if you make a trip to WI Dells...they will think its the most amazing place in the world. hehehe

  2. I have never been there and I don't live to far away! I should check it out!

  3. Have you really? What did you think? Alan loved it!

  4. You should! It was definitely crazy and something different.

  5. I'd be happy with toning up but I don't feel like I'm doing that either unfortunately.

  6. Good luck!! I need to start to do something but UGH lol.

  7. I love to hear what others do for their husbands! The things we do....


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