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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Why You Will Never Find Me Wearing Nail Polish

I'm not really much into beauty, for the most part, I'm pretty low maintenance. Honestly, I think that women who have to have tons and tons of makeup on and who can't leave the house without it are a little ridiculous...but to each their own.

However, one thing I am pretty jealous about is women who are able to get manicures. I have brachydactyly type d, also known as clubbed thumb or murder's thumb. I know, what in the world is that?! In layman's terms, I have toe thumbs. 

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It's something I am very self conscious about, ever since about fourth grade, when I realized my hands looked different than everyone else. I used to sit in class and tuck my thumbs into my hands because I didn't want anyone to see them. 

Now, while I am still self conscious about my hands, I don't try to hide them, but I also don't go out of my way to draw attention to them either. Which means that I rarely paint my nails unless it's a nude color and I definitely don't get manicures. How weird would that be to get French tips on hands like this:

As I've gotten older, I always take notice when someone else has hands like myself and I've come to realize something. I am so glad that my brachydachy (as Alan likes to call it) is symmetrical. I think I would be even more self conscious if only one of my thumbs was a toe thumb.

I guess you can call me special, only 2% of the world's population has brachydactyly in any form. But, you better believe one of the first things I did when my children were born was check to see if they inherited this from me. 

I'm so glad that they didn't.

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  1. You could still get manicures, embrace being different! I've been around you so many times and have NEVER noticed! Like ever. I believe Megan Fox has the same deal but she rocks the French tips and doesn't let it hold her back :) if you want a manicure, go get one!!! I'll even come with you, I love getting "mah nails did" - lol embrace your insecurities and own them, otherwise they will only weigh you down-perfection is boring, your imperfections are what make you a beautiful person :)

  2. My husband has overlapping toes, some of them are also misshapen. He was born that way but it has gotten worse as he has aged. I have a feeling that hand and foot deformities are more common than we think. In a perfect world, we would celebrate the differences, but humans don't seem to be made that way. Megan Fox does have the same condition. I hope your friend talks you into that manicure.

  3. My son has webbed toes on one of his feet. He doesn't know now that it's different and I dread the day when he does realize it.

  4. That's awesome that you were able to share your story through this bloggers challenge topic. Your hands look completely fine to me with or without nail polish!


  5. The only manicure I've ever had was when I got married and that was with my own nails. And even then, when the manicurist did my thumb nails, she laughed. So, I don't think it will ever happen again.

  6. I don't think they look weird at all...you're right though, it's great that they're symmetrical. Go rock that mani!

  7. I've never heard of that before! I read your comment below and can't believe someone laughed while doing your nails! How rude and unacceptable! I understand your feelings, but I think you are a beautiful mama and if you want to paint your nails or get manicures you definitely should and embrace yourself. Don't let what anyone else thinks hinder you <3

  8. I have a large pink birthmark between my left thumb and forefinger. I thought everyone had one. I thought it was there so that we knew which hand was left and which was right. I was quite shocked when I discovered it was not a universal feature! Not, however, as shocked as I was last month to discover that the woman on my right (I checked my hands to be sure!) had an almost identical birthmark on her left hand!

  9. That's crazy that someone else had a nearly identical birthmark. That's like a one in a million chance to you would notice that.

  10. I paint my toes a lot more than my nails and when I do paint my nails, it's usually a nude but I haven't done that much in years because I don't want my kids to accidentally ingest nail polish when I'm fishing something out of their mouths. I know I should just embrace it, but it is something I'm pretty self conscious about unfortunately.

  11. I know several people that have just one toe thumb, and that would drive me crazy because I'm all about symmetry.

  12. Way to go on your financial goals! I bet that was a relief! I always feel so much better when I know I've saved money.

  13. My goal was to use my exercise bike while he was gone, but I was so exhausted by the time I got the chance that I went to bed instead.

  14. Yes they do. Too bad it's gone so quickly though!

  15. I had always referred to them as toe thumbs until I looked it up one day because I wanted to know what it was actually called.

  16. I will never get a pedicure because I have Syndactyly (I just learned
    the name a few years ago) which means that my 'ring' and 'middle' toes
    are webbed. I was SUPER self conscious about it until I got to college.
    I'm over it now, but I still don't think I will ever get a pedicure, as
    much as I'd love to. I just don't think I could handle the looks, they'd
    need a modified toe spacer! It's awesome that you posted this with a
    picture, that rocks! Not that celebrities should matter but I was pretty
    psyched when I found out that Dan Akroyd and Ashton Kutcher both have
    Syndactyly. Did you know that Megan Fox has Brachydactyly D too? Stopping by from Bloggy
    Moms March 2014 Blog Hop.

  17. I never knew what it was called, but my son has webbed toes on his left foot!

  18. Megan Fox has this same thing and she paints her nails red and black all the time! Rock it girl! Embrace your flaws! Your hands are beautiful :)

  19. Interesting...I have never heard of this...BUT, I would have never noticed either! Go get yourself a manicure. :-)

  20. I am actually so glad I read this post. You know why? I am one of the 2% with you... I noticed it quite early too but yeah, I thought it was okay. People actually overlook hands quite a lot you know. I never draw unnecessary attention to them, because I really don't like how short and stubby they are, with such an odd shaped nail too! But I still do my nails all the time. In fact, I like painting them because it makes my thumb nails look more normal. As well as that, when people comment on my nails, I open my hands to show them, but I tuck in my thumb ;) Very very few people ever really notice. And I still get to do what I love ^^ I hope my kids don't have it either, and I'm not sure where I got it from because I've yet to meet a family member who has the same...

    I don't know if you really care, but if you want to see my hands (with polish though) you can see them here: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2014/03/notd-city-of-bones.html?showComment=1394192141167#c147526164815029967

    It's good to know I'm not along though. I never really had this diagnosed...

  21. I remember saying something to my mom about it as a kid and she just brushed it off, but I'm sure she was just trying not to make a big deal about it. I, too, don't like how stubby they are and how my nail is wonky. The only reason I know what it is is because I got curious when I was pregnant with my son and looked it up. It's actually a dominant trait, but I must've inherited it from my father, who I haven't seen since I was a baby because no one in my mom's family has it.

    Your nails are cute!

  22. Great informative post! I didn't know about this. This is why I love reading blogs, I'm getting a bit smarter after every post...

  23. You learn something new everyday... :-)


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