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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Travel Thursday: Xunantunich

One of the places we went to on our honeymoon was Xunantunich, or as Alan likes to call it, Tuna Sandwich. 


Xunantunich is the site of Mayan ruins in Belize on the border with Guatemala and it was my favorite shore excursion we took on our cruise. Ever since I saw The Second Voyage of the Mimi in elementary school where they go to Mayan ruins, I have wanted to see them myself. You better believe I was so excited to finally get to see some!

The ruins are located on a hill top and to get there we had to take a boat across a river then climb up the hill.


It was also my first real experience in a jungle and it was awesome. Reminded me of something out of Indiana Jones.

I loved exploring the ruins, probably my favorite part was getting to climb to the top of the pyramid. The views were fantastic!


I'm afraid of heights and climbing down the pyramid was definitely scary. You better believe I scooted down on my butt!


Just look at these friezes. Beautiful!

Wanna play ball?

Xunantunich is a smaller site and not as well known as Copan or Chichen Itza. What I would give to see them someday too!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

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  1. That's breathtaking! I'd love to go someday. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  2. I am so so glad we chose to do this. It's a once in a lifetime experience!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I would love to be able to go the Mayan Ruins someday!

  4. Amazing pictures Holly! History has always been my favorite subject so it would be amazing to see those in person some day!

  5. I'm a historian and while my focus has always been medieval England, Mesoamerican cultures have always fascinated me. We live a few hours from Cahokia, the largest mound complex in the US and I keep bugging my husband to take a day trip.

  6. Beautiful! It is amazing how old everything is, and still in great condition. We went on a cruise for our honeymoon....and went to some pyramids as well -In Mexico. :-)

  7. Wow! I really want to go to Belize, unfortunately I didn't get to go on my usual warm vacation this winter because I'm expecting. Next year is a different story though! My husband and I eloped and had our honeymoon in Costa Rica, which I highly recommend. I've been many places and Costa Rica is my favourite so far.

  8. We almost went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon, but decided on a cruise instead :-) Belize is on my list of must visit places and I'm so glad I was able to go!

  9. I always enjoy your pictures! I would love to travel to so many places one day!

  10. Thank you! I wish I was able to travel more myself.

  11. I would love to go to Mayan and Aztec sites in Mexico one of these days too.

  12. Oh wow! I would love love love to visit that place! Exploring ancient ruins would be so awesome!


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