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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Travel Thursday: Blarney Castle

I know that St. Patrick's Day was last week, but since The Boys Behind the Blog also happened to fall last week, I figured that a week late is better than not at all, so this week's Travel Thursday is about one of the most famous places in Ireland, Blarney Castle.

The current Blarney Castle was originally constructed in the 1400s but is now in ruins. We all know why Blarney Castle is famous - the Blarney Stone which gives you the gift of the gab if you kiss it. But, did you know that the Blarney Stone is supposedly part of the Stone of Scone, which was historically used as the coronation stone for Scottish monarchs. It's last use for this purpose was for Queen Elizabeth II. Edward I took it from Scotland to England and it only recently went back to Scotland, within the last 20 years, where it stays with the Scottish Crown Jewels at Edinburgh Castle until the next coronation. 

The stone is set into the bottom part of the parapet, where the metal brackets are at the top of the keep in the above photo. It's pretty high, so if you're afraid of heights like me, it was an adventure!

This photo shows just how high you are. 

You lie down on the rampart and lean backwards down to the stone to kiss it. That's scary enough, but even more so in the middle of a rainstorm! 

Kissing the stone...see the green grass way below...

I thought Indiana weather was crazy, but it went from sunny and beautiful to pouring down rain in about five minutes while I was waiting my turn!

Alan really wants to visit Ireland at some point and I know we will visit Blarney Castle. Hopefully when we do, we'll get to visit the gardens too!

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I went to Ireland when I was 16, but would love to go back now as an adult to really appreciate everything.

  2. I was 20 and a junior in college when I studied abroad. I loved it then, but I would love to go back with my husband now. It's on our list!

  3. I have always wanted to go to Ireland! My family trail leads to Cork and I would love to visit someday!

  4. I loved Blarney Castle, but kissing that stone was definitely a little scary!

  5. I remember thinking I was going to slip and fall to my death because of the rain!

  6. Until recently, I never knew that there was some Scots Irish in my lineage, but a cousin traced our line back to the brother of William Wallace and they eventually went to Northern Ireland with the Calvinists and then on to America. For a history person like myself, it's fascinating.

  7. I would love to go to Ireland and tour the Guinness brewery... heh heh. My grandparents have a picture kissing the Blarney Stone. What a great memory.

  8. I've actually never been to Guinness brewery. I only had a day in Dublin and just walked around the city instead of doing anything really touristy. Whenever we go though, we'll be stopping!

  9. That is very interesting! I have always loved seeing where people came from and how we became the melting pot that we are today! Such rich, cultural history in everyone!

  10. That would be so fun to see. Thanks for sharing the history with us!

  11. As you know, I'm a historian so I have to throw little tidbits in :-)


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