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Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!


Yesterday was the first day of Spring (and my friend Sheena's birthday!) and I cannot be happier. I love cold and snow, but this winter has seemed to be exceptionally harsh and I have been ready for some warmer weather and spring flowers for weeks now.

Eating dinner outside on the porch last weekend. 

My daffodills are blooming and the hyacinths, tulips and iris are coming in too. Woot!

We've been slowly trying to clean up our yard this month in anticipation of summer and I cannot wait to get started on my herb garden. It didn't get completed last year and Alan has promised me he will get it done this spring so we can have beautiful and fragrant herbs all summer long. I cannot wait! 

If you're friends with me on Facebook, you probably saw this already, but we got the kids a play house and they love it! I'm secretly jealous because I always wanted one as a kid :-)

Bring on the evening walks around the neighborhood and trips to the park!

What are you most excited about this Spring?

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  1. I just want the snow to be gone! We still have a lot. I want to be able to just take the kids outside to play without all of the added effort!

  2. Ugh I know. The last snow we got melted in a day, thank goodness! But, the forecast for next week says we could get more. Go away snow, go away!

  3. We had a beautiful day yesterday! I am so happy Spring is finally here. We like to plant our own flowers with the children so they can watch them grow. They love it! :)

  4. It's beautiful today but I'm stuck inside at work :( It's going to be colder tomorrow, but hopefully we'll be able to get outside some.

  5. I'm so thrilled for spring! I'm hoping the "s" word rumors for next week are all lies! I so want to plant herbs - I tried last year and our patio doesn't provide the best setting I get. Your kids must be so happy with their new playhouse!

  6. We love Heroes of the City!! We got this stuff too and Eli was SO excited.

  7. It may "officially" be spring, but it's definitely still winter here in upstate NY haha. I can't wait for the snow to go away so that we can get outside to play and go for walks and just enjoy the outdoors. Eli is sick of being cooped up in the house and mama can't wait for him to run around and burn some extra energy ;) haha

  8. Those days of Little Tyke tables and play houses seem a million years ago. (My youngest is 9 now, and I miss it!) I'm most looking forward to Saturday mornings at soccer matches, Saturday afternoons working in the garage, and Saturday nights grilling out!

  9. It's forecasted to get flurries here on Tuesday. Ugh!

  10. Yeah, northern Indiana is definitely still more winter-like than down here. I'm originally from up there, but right now I'm glad I'm where I'm at!

  11. We love herb gardening here. Am trying to figure out how to do it this year in an apartment without a deck. We are just loving getting outside and starting spring sports =)

  12. Put them in a window sill? Or in a pot right outside your door? We have cats, so I can never grow herbs indoors during the winter because they eat them.


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