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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Going Organic on a Budget: Online Ordering

The last three weeks I've been telling you about how I save money buying organic by buying local, food preservation and couponing. Now I'd like to talk about something I think a lot of people don't always think about. Purchasing in bulk online.

I'll be honest, I only do this every couple of months and it's usually for paleo cooking items or sometimes produce. But, what I spend that month in buying those items in bulk results in savings over the next few months since I'm not constantly running to the store to buy expensive coconut oil and almond flour, for example.

There are numerous places to buy organic items online, but here are a few of my favorites.

Azure Standard is probably my favorite place to purchase organic goods online. You can purchase monthly if you choose and it is delivered via semi to a drop site nearest you. We have a drop site here in Evansville so I am able to do this whenever I want, which usually is every couple months. There are discounted items in every category you could think of, from produce and dairy to dry goods to bath soap. It's the cheapest place I have found bulk almond flour too. I joined our group here a couple months ago and absolutely love it.

Vitacost is another site you can use to order pretty much anything organic at a discounted price. Except this time it's shipped directly to you. I have only ever browsed this site but I know lots of people who purchase regularly. They usually order together to get free shipping.

Abe's Market is a site I have used a couple times to order organic items. I like to get their Discover Natural Box for $5 where I get to pick three samples. It's a great way to get items that you don't need a whole lot of something, such as hemp seeds for example.

Tropical Traditions is one of my favorite sites to order from. If you've been around awhile, then you know that they are the best source for coconut oil, coconut flour and other organic products. I subscribed to their newsletter so I get updates on all the sales, which are almost always going on and have been able to get two free 32 oz jars of coconut oil with purchase. Which is awesome.

Amazon isn't a site that I would've ever thought about using to purchase organic products until one of my co-workers said she buys Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Baking Flour in bulk off of the site.Once I started looking, I realized that there is all sorts of stuff that we would use. You can also join their subscribe n shave program to get a deeper discount. Just be sure to remember to cancel your renewal purchase if you don't want more gluten free baking mix headed your way!

Does this take a little time to figure out where's the cheapest place to purchase organics? Yes, at first. When I needed to purchase something, I would take a quick look at Azure to check prices then compare with Amazon, Vitacost and store prices before deciding to purchase something. Now that I've been doing it awhile, I have an idea where it's going to be cheapest. It's worked out well almost every time!

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  1. Great post, I love most of those sites too as I order organic online a lot. We spent the better part of a year figure out the best ways to buy organic and I agree, online is the best.

  2. I love getting the deals from Tropical Traditions! they are always having sales on something we use! Great tips on other places to get great items!

  3. I love Tropical Traditions too :-) That and Azure are my favorite places to order from.

  4. Thank you for these links. I never would have thought to buy organic online!

  5. Thanks for sharing these links -I would not have known where to go to buy organic online!

  6. I buy a lot of what I don't get from our CSA from Azure or TT with the exception of using the bulk spice room at the co-op. Much easier and cheaper that way!

  7. Again, I love reading how you are able to do this on a budget. It is such practical help!

  8. I've never tried going organic, mostly because of the price--however, I'm learning SO much through your organic on a budget posts! You've taught me so much, and I've had to rethink my reasons for not including more organic stuff in my diet. :)

  9. Love your post. So many people thing that organic is so expensive but as you have pointed out in your post your can go organic on a budget. I have shared on Pinterest Google> Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays Blog Hop. Have a wonderful healthy day!

  10. Making little changes is the easiest way to start. I started by buying the dirty dozen organic, then slowly incorporating organic grains, then grassfed beef and free range chicken. In the process I've also been able to almost completely eliminate hfcs and artificial food dyes without really trying that hard.

  11. I also order from Azure, we have the biggest order every month. We also order from other places, there are a few things we have not been able to order without paying alot of shipping. However I found them at a local store, I pay more for them, but I have decided to make those items treat items. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays, and join us again tonight at 7 central.


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