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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Why I Will Never Consign Again!

As I sit here typing this I am so mad I can hardly see straight. This weekend was one of the huge consignment sales at the armory and I finally decided to put a few things in it.

I was super excited, thinking that Ewan's stuff would sell because little boys clothes go like crazy when they're in good condition. 

Ha! Nope. We made $15. Are you effing kidding me?! 

We actually sold $30 worth of stuff, but with the fees taken out, it's half of our sale. Out of the 30 things I put into the sale SIX sold. I had them priced based on what I've seen at the sale myself, so I know that they were priced accordingly. If you count the money spent for safety pins, hangers, paper, ink and the gas to take the stuff to the armory and back, we might've broke even. 

Well, I go to pick up our stuff today only to find out that we're missing items! The lack of professionalism on the part of the staff/volunteers astounded me. The one lady was just like "Oops! Sorry!" and walked away. I had to find someone else to talk to and she was just like, "Well, you signed the consignor agreement and we're not responsible. We never lose stuff, I can count on one hand the number of times it's happened in 15 years. That's why we have a police officer patrol the sale." 

When I asked her if I could go look for my stuff, she told me that they double check everything and they don't make mistakes. Which means that a) my stuff was stolen b) someone screwed up and walked off with it and c) you're accusing me of lying. Which is exactly why I printed out my inventory of what didn't sell before I went.

I was livid.

1) Don't lie to me and say that it hardly ever happens. I'm sure it happens a lot because there are TONS of people there and one police officer can't watch everything.

2) When I tell you that all I'm going to do is walk through and look over the tables to see if they could be there, don't sick your police officer on me. I am NOT a thief thankyouverymuch!

So THANK YOU Consignit Moms of Evansville, Indiana for making sure that I will never visit your sale again nor will I ever put anything into a consignment sale again. I'd much rather take my chances at a yard sale. You better believe that I will blast your horribleness to everyone I know and on every social media outlet I have.

I'm glad I only put a few things in to test it out because it is SO NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow, I can't believe the response you got! I would be mad too. So unprofessional.

  2. doesn't sound like a very well organized sale! I'm sorry it didn't work out for you.

  3. Oh you better believe I told the lady off :-)

  4. There are several big sales every fall and every spring here and unfortunately this one guaranteed that I will never bother with it again. I'd rather sell my stuff in a yard sale for $0.50 an item and make $300!

  5. I'm so sorry! It takes less energy to be nice and professional than it does to be rude. I agree that you know there have been others in your situation. Sorry again.

  6. Thanks Sheryl. I get it that they have to have a consignor agreement that they aren't held liable, otherwise people like me could go after them legally. But, how it was handled was so ridiculous and made sure that I will spread the word. As I learned in retail long ago, someone that has a good experience might tell one person, but someone who has a bad experience will tell everyone they know.

  7. Horrible! I would never go again either!!

  8. That's awful. I have consigned my stuff before and I know shoppers are rough on the tags and they fall off. But usually the people running the sale help locate the items. It is a lot of work to tag everything. Sorry you didn't habe a better experience and that sale people were so rude! Sounds weird to me to have a police man on duty. Is it a big sale?

  9. Yeah, it's in the gym at the National Guard Armory and a huge sale. They did have stuff that the tags came off of, but my stuff wasn't amongst it. I get it that things happen but how cavalier they were about it just astounded me.


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