Travel Thursday: The Time I Cracked My Tailbone | Back Home Again: Travel Thursday: The Time I Cracked My Tailbone

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Travel Thursday: The Time I Cracked My Tailbone

Right after Alan and I graduated Ball State, we took a vacation to Ontario. We went to Collingwood, which is about two hours northwest of Toronto on the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron. 


The first day we were there, we decided to go to Scenic Caves, which was not too far away. There are all sorts of activities there, from mini golf and gem "mining" to the suspension bridge and "caves." The caves aren't really caves you can go into but rock formations. Still cool though.


And the views of the surrounding area were fantastic!


Well, since it was early May, there was still snow and ice around...and I slipped and fell on the ice! We're pretty sure that I cracked my tailbone too. I still have aches and pains in my "Canada spot" almost 10 years later!

Right after the "incident"

Have you ever hurt yourself while on vacation?

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  1. Oh no! That stinks to hurt yourself while traveling...! UGH!

  2. I know...especially on the first day! We went to Niagara Falls the next day, where I had to hobble around. Not fun!

  3. That looks like a great place to visit. Thanks for sharing--and thanks for cohosting this party!

  4. I totally know how that goes! I sprained my ankle (and it was really bad!) in Bratislava (of all places) almost 2 years ago. One of my goals for this next trip is for no one to get hurt!


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