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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Favorite Places in Indiana

Jess from Little Indiana made a comment on my 10 Places I Must See Within the US post that made me think...I could easily write a post about my favorite places in Indiana! 

I have lived in Northeast Indiana, East Central Indiana and Southwest Indiana. Not to mention the fact that I have driven all over the state. I actually prefer to take state highways and travel through the small towns, imagining what they looked like in their heyday. I guess that's why I'm in historic preservation!

LaborDay 014

I have been going to Steuben County since before I was born. My family goes to Lake James pretty much all summer long, which is the lake on which Pokagon State Park is located. I know those trails like the back of my hand and have many fond memories of hiking to the camp store to get ice cream as a kid, not to mention going down the the toboggan track in the winter. I also remember when they had the buffalo pens!
The courthouse located in my hometown is magnificent. This building is what inspired my master's thesis. I remember when I was a sophomore in high school getting to take a tour of the building as part of my history class. At the time, it was being restored and we got to get a behind the scenes look at the restoration. So so cool. I think it would be so awesome to work in this beautiful building every day.

The confluence of the Maumee River is located in my hometown, and there is a rivergreenway that runs through the city along the three rivers. When I lived there, I would go rollerblading along it all the time. It was awesome and I have never found another trail quite like it since.

This is my absolute favorite winery. It's located not too far from Pokagon State Park and I always make a stop when we're nearby. If you ever visit, the 101 Lakes Red is my favorite :-)


This is a nature preserve located within Evansville. I first discovered it in college and now we go walking the trails several times a year as a family. It's beautiful in the fall!

This is a quaint little town right outside of Evansville and it's quaintness has captivated me since college. We used to go down by the river and hang out. Now, we go walking on the trail down there. I love looking at all the old buildings!

I've only been here once, when I was in elementary school, but it's very cool. Who knew Indiana had dunes?

Madison 004

Another quaint little town on the Ohio. We visited for class in grad school. Loved it!

Yet another Ohio River town not too far from Evansville. When Abraham Lincoln lived in Indiana, he ran flatboats out of Rockport. I like it because it's on a cliff!

New Harmony

New Harmony is a little town not too far from Evansville on the Wabash River. I had only been once during college, but wound up doing a lot of work there during grad school. It was founded in 1814 by the Harmonie Society. While I will admit that I think being in some of those Harmonist buildings is a little creepy, it's a very historic town that still shows its evolution from the simple Harmonists in the early nineteenth century to the quiet historic river town it is today with beautiful Victorian architecture.

These are just a sampling, as there are so many more things I enjoy about my state. I didn't even get into all the little festivals and whatnot that I've been too...or Philadelphia...those are posts for another day!

What are your favorite places to visit in your state?


  1. Great list!! Especially #10.. my hometown! :)

  2. Makes me want to come visit! My favorite place in NY (that I've been to anyway) is definitely down town Saratoga Springs :) though I do also love traveling downstate to NYC!

  3. Thank you for the lovely tour! I've made it to Illinois, but not Indiana, so this certainly sparked my interest. And it looks so beautiful there. Adding to my Travel Pin board!

  4. We take lots of little road trips to random places wherever we're living. It's great because you get to experience things you never would normally.

  5. Haha! I play in Wolfgang and we have concerts there several times a year at Murphy Auditorium. As long as I'm not by myself in the attic of Community House #2, it doesn't freak me out :-)

  6. I live in Indiana and have never been to any of those! I will have to give them a try. I have often wondered about Satek Winery - as it is pretty close to where we live...We will have to make it a day trip! Other sites that I like include the University of Notre Dame, Potato Creek State Park, Chain of Lakes State Park, and Shipshewana/Amish Country.

  7. Where in Indiana are you, aside from up north? I'm originally from Ft. Wayne but now live in Evansville. And I love Satek! I've been to a lot of Indiana wineries and it's hands down my favorite. I always make a stop whenever we visit family.

    I've never been to any of those places you mentioned either :-) There are lots of Amish right around Ft. Wayne so we would go to Grabill Days or Swiss Days in Berne growing up. My husband loves auctions and I keep telling him he needs to go to Shipshewana sometime when we're up there.

  8. Great pictures! I have driven through Indiana multiple times and never have never stopped to sight see. Next time I do I am going to have to take a detour or two. Pokagon State Park and Satek Winery look like a lot of fun!

  9. I know, who would stop in Indiana? There's a saying here for a local amusement park..."There's more than corn in Indiana!" :-)

  10. I've never been to Indiana, and I'm not totally sure what I thought it looked like (maybe Indianapolis taking up 90% of it and the last 10% were cornfields!??!), but these pictures showed me that I definitely need to think differently about Indiana! It's so pretty (and there are dunes?!?!). Likewise, I wish people would give South Carolina more of a look; most people think it's just the beach and then the rest is a bunch of hick towns. While we definitely have plenty of backwoods areas, there are also some gorgeous foothills/ mountain-ish places to visit, museums, historic plantations, and the like. Love this post!!

  11. Haha! Most people think there's nothing but corn and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I have only been to South Carolina once, when we went to an outlet mall not too far from Asheville, NC - and that was mainly so that I could say I have been to South Carolina :-)

  12. So green and pretty! I will be visiting Indiana in May!

  13. Wow that is beautiful. I wish we had greenery down here. All we have is cactus and heat...and we're not even a desert! Sounds like a great state to visit!

  14. I love that we truly get all four seasons here, even if this winter has been particularly harsh! While it's nice to think about living in a different climate, I would miss the changing leaves and snow.

  15. Ft. Wayne! My husbands extended family all lives there! :)

  16. Seriously?! That's my hometown! Wouldn't that be funny if I knew them... :-)


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