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Friday, February 28, 2014

March Goals and February Recap

Here were my goals for February:
  • Go to church twice this month (We sadly failed at this again. To be honest, I've been thinking more and more that our current church may not be the right fit for us. We'll see how this pans out in the future)
  • Put $100 in savings We put a lot more than that with our tax return, plus we've been putting the extra money that we're saving by switching the kids' daycare into savings and will be using that excess towards projects around the house.
  • Keep $100 in savings
  • Pay off a credit card with our tax return Done!
  • Put Ewan on the waiting/interest list for preschool I visited one preschool and we're going to an Open House for our top choice this week.  
My goals for March:
  • Go to church twice this month and decide if we want to stay or start visiting other churches.
  • Get Ewan registered for preschool.
  • Get our hotel booked for our vacation.
  • Meal Plan every week. See below. My eating got WAY off track in February and my health has definitely suffered for it.
  • Get back to going to the gym three times a week. February was a bust for going to the gym. Between Alan going out of town for work and being sick half the month, this did not happen.


  1. I have always wanted to learn to can Holly. I thought it was difficult and never really gave it a chance. I used to love going into my grandparents' cellar built so primitively into the side of a hill outside their back door, pulling that string on the bare bulb hung from the ceiling and looking at their vast array of canned goods stocked on the shelves. It was so cold in there, even in the summer! I would go in there just to cool off for a few too in the summer =)

  2. Yay taxes! So great that you were able to pay off some debt. Good luck with the church situation.

  3. You got a lot out of the way!! Keep it up!!


  4. February was not good for anyone with their eating habits. I know I shouldn't but I'm going to blame the weather. I'm hoping to be better in March myself, it typically isn't as difficult as it was in February. I also understand about church. Finding the right one is important, once you do - it isn't as difficult to get out of the door. Good Luck!!

  5. It's so sad because we got a decent refund this year and it was all gone within minutes due to a click of a button!

  6. Right now it seems like the beginning of March is going to be just as bad with the impending ice storm coming our way. I honestly don't think I have ever been more ready for spring!

  7. I pray you are able to find a good church! That is so important. Great job on your financial goals, and I need to do a lot better on my eating/workout goals too.

  8. Finding a good church is so hard. We are still looking. Main problem is finding a preacher who preaches the Word and doesn't distort it to satisfy those in the congregation. Thanks for sharing

  9. I think Spring will just come overnight - we will wake up one morning and it is here. At least I hope so. I hope we both miss the ice storm. We've lived through multiple ones and I fear them.

  10. My mom grows a garden in the summer and cans all sorts of things! She always has canned tomatoes and beans on hand, it's great! I've never learned how to can myself though.

  11. That sauce looks great!
    I don't preserve enough because I don't have enough space. The water bath method sounds interesting. I'll have to try that if my garden produces enough this year. Thanks!


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