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Friday, January 10, 2014

Please Meet Candace

  1. After being made redundant last year I did the grown up thing and ran away to live by the sea.
  2. I love knitting, crochet and scrapbooking.
  3. I have a huge shoe collection but sadly rheumatoid arthritis is putting paid to me wearing a large number of my shoes.  However, I just can't let go of them.
Candace blogs over at Us Three By the Sea. She live in Wales and I am so jealous! I have really enjoyed reading her blog and getting to know her. Her photography is amazing and it reminds me why I miss Britain so. I really do hope that you take the time to check her out because she is such a strong woman and I know you will enjoy her and her blog as much as I do!


  1. Running away to the sea is ALWAYS the best choice in any situation. :) Wales is an amazing, amazing place, and you are so lucky to live there! Off to check out the blog--glad to have met you, Candace!

  2. I agree! I only ever drove through Wales, but what I saw out the car window looked beautiful. One of these days, I will get over there again :-)

  3. I would LOVE to run away to the sea. Holly, I love this post - short, sweet, and to the point ...I rarely read posts like these but yours made it easy :D


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