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Monday, January 20, 2014

Operation Smile

As someone who is very self-conscious of their smile, I am so glad that I came across this very inspirational organization, Operation Smile.

Operation Smile is an international children's medical charity that provides reconstructive surgery to children born with a cleft lip and cleft palate. One in ten of those children born with a cleft will die before their first birthday because they usually are unable to eat. Not to mention even speak, socialize or smile if they make it past their birthday. As a breastfeeding mother, I experience first hand the special bond that happens when you're feeding your baby and even thinking about what a mother of a child with a cleft goes through knowing that their child is likely starving because they cannot eat is heartbreaking. 

It only takes $240 for one surgery to fix a smile. For most of us, that's not that much in the grand scheme of things. Donating just five or ten dollars would help immensely. For me, that's one trip to Starbucks. 

Probably one of the best things about Operation Smile is that they make so easy to donate. A portion of every text book rental from CampusBookRentals.com is donated toward this wonderful cause. So if you're in school and use this awesome service, then you're already donating!

If you get a chance, please check out their website. You may just make a difference in someone's life!

I was compensated for this post. However, all opinions are my own.


  1. I didn't know the operations were so cheap! We have been looking for more ways to donate time and money so I might have to look into this charity a little more;)

  2. I didn't either! There are other ways to volunteer on their website :-)

  3. What a fabulous charity. This small operation does such wonderful work for this children.


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