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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Introducing Ashley!

I first "met" Ashley through the Cara Box exchange several months ago. To say we hit it off is an understatement. We have lots in common and have become good friends. I was so excited that she is gracing my blog with her presence this month. But, I will let her tell you in her own words why she is so great :-)

Hi all of Holly's readers! I'm Ashley from Mrs. Mama. Mrs. Mama got started after I discovered other blogs. I was pregnant for the first time at 30, and although I was older, I was a nervous wreck about everything baby. Blogs helped me so much. I found a place where moms told me exactly what to expect, what to buy, what I would feel, and what I would need. These women were awesome! They answered every one of my crazy questions but what I really loved was how they were able to put me at ease. Apparently I'm not the only woman who goes a little crazy when they get pregnant. Before too long I had formed relationships were these lovely ladies. I wanted a blog of my own! I wanted to join the cool club!

Mrs. Mama was born. Marriage and a baby all in one year. Two huge life events all at once. I needed my space to write it all our and figure this whole wife and mama business out. Blogging has a way of inspiring you and holding you accountable. 

Mrs. Mama is now a year and a half old. The blogging community has become my second family. I'm still exploring these roles as wife and mother as things continue to evolve. My road to self-discovery is one I can only imagine walking with you my dear friends.  I'd love for you to swing by Mrs. Mama to check it out and see if you want to become friends. I'd love to have ya!


  1. Thanks for letting me post today and introduce myself to your wonderful readers!

  2. omg #1 is my fil for sure. he even complains when we tell him to quiet down saying that it doesn't bother the kids!


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