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Friday, January 24, 2014

Five Quirks About Me

You know how everyone and their brother posts Five on Friday posts? Well, I decided to post my own Five on Friday post. All about me!

1. Wet paper totally freaks me out.
I know this is really weird. But, I cannot stand to touch or even look at wet paper. It's all mushy and gross, blech! It seriously makes me want to vomit. When I use paper towels, I make sure there are enough between the wet paper and my hand so I don't have to touch the wet ones.

2. I can't stand driving behind vehicles larger than mine.
My mom used to say that I always had to be queen of the road. This is somewhat true but it's more that I like to be able to see what's ahead of me and if there's a semi or SUV or van in front of me, I can't see and I don't like that at all.

3. I cannot stand things around my neck.
There's a reason almost all of my shirts have are v-neck or boatneck or some variation that comes nowhere near my neck and it's not because I like to show off my massive cleavage. I cannot stand things around my neck. At all. I feel like I'm choking and panic. I never wear necklaces for the same reason. I can wear a scarf when it's cold outside but it has to be loose and a lot of the time I wind up taking it off because I freak out.

4. I'm not afraid of flying, just crashing to my death.
The flying aspect of flying really doesn't bother me, it's the thought of being the one in a million that crash that scares the you know what out of me. I also hate it hate it when Alan flies for work. I'm so incredibly tense until I know he is on the ground and I'm constantly checking so I know where he is. I dunno, I guess I feel like if we were meant to fly, then we would be born with wings!

5. Everything has to be symmetrical. 
Seriously. If it's not even or symmetrical, I have to make it so it is or it drives me crazy!

Leave me a comment asking a question, anything you want, and I will answer them next Friday!

What would you like to know about me?


  1. Which blogger would you most like to be like? Why?

  2. Good question! I guess you'll find out next week :-)

  3. I've never done a Friday on Five...enlighten me, please! And my other question will be your favorite travel destination that you have already been to.

  4. It's a link up: A lot of bloggers I follow do it.

  5. You can't be too quirky since I agree with a lot of these...wet paper IS icky, and I feel the same way about flying.

  6. i've never thought about wet paper…but ya. gross. especially wet toilet paper. the more i think about it the grosser it gets. question - what's your most favorite post you've written? found you via the linkup. new reader!

  7. Hmm--I guess I'm pretty boring as none of those things really bother me. I'm glad the wet paper doesn't as with 5 kids, we've had a lot of wet paper over the years--and some of it has been yucky!

  8. How you feel about wet paper, is me with raw meat (and even sandwich meat!) I can't STAND touching it, I get chills and feel like I'm going to vomit. It's terrible.

    I'm also similar with symmetry! That's why I had a hard time changing my blog design from 2 sidebars to just one, it just doesn't "look right" to me! haha

  9. I can't stand popsicle sticks in my mouth, or those wooden tongue depressors....or cloth...OMG I am gagging thinking about it lol.

  10. I had a friend in high that was the same way about meat. It doesn't bother me, although I don't really like mixing things into ground beef or turkey.

  11. I'm with you on the cloth...especially cotton balls...ugh!

  12. Stay tuned next Friday to find out!

  13. I RUN, and JUMP, and SCREAM every time ANY bug lands on me! I do it with most bugs, they can be crawling, flying, or just buzzing around me and I freak out. I think the only exception would be a mosquitoes, ants, and maybe lady bugs . The worst freak out I've ever had has been with a flying cockroach. Ewwww.

  14. I'm that way about bees and wasps. No thank you!


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