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Monday, December 2, 2013

Why Having a December Birthday Isn't That Great

I had a post all ready to go about how having a December birthday isn't that great because it's overshadowed by everything else going on during the month (which is true of birthdays anywhere from Thanksgiving to early January...), when Alan surprised me with a trip to St. Louis this weekend to celebrate my birthday because he knew how bummed I was about not being able to do anything because of everything else we have going on :-)

The main reason we went was because of Garden Glow at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

One of my favorite places to go when we lived in PA was Longwood Gardens, which has something similar. Garden Glow was way cooler though!

While the kids didn't exactly behave while we were there, it was still really neat to see. It also wasn't that cold, so we didn't have to worry about the kids getting too cold. To be fair, they did have an excuse because we also went to the St. Louis Science Center so they had a busy day.

I love that husband of mine :-) He always knows what to do to brighten my day, even if it is threaten to take me to Chuck E. Cheese! I appreciate him and everything he does for us more than he will ever know. 


  1. My brother also has a birthday in December and my aunt's birthday was Christmas Eve. She always found a way to make it her own. A year or two before she passed away she had to have chemo, on her birthday, on Christmas Eve. So the whole family (like 15 of us) went with her and brought coffee and donuts that we shared with the other patients there and had a big old party and it was awesome.

    Loved your pictures. We have something similar in Phoenix at the Zoo and I go every year just to be mesmerized by the lights

  2. We have so many birthdays in December in my and my husband's family it's nuts! My mom's birthday is the day after Christmas and she has always said she got gypped. I always try to do something special for her though :-)

  3. that is so sweet. how far are you from st. louis?

  4. we are 4 hours. we should meet up there some day!

  5. St. Louis really has a lot of great stuff to do. I'm glad you got to go there to celebrate your birthday... my daughter was born on Christmas Day. Can you imagine that? :-)
    I'm doing the BloggyMoms December Blog hop. I'm #29 and I'm trying to consistently reach out to the ten blogs closest to me. I want to make new friends - hooray!
    Great to "meet" you!

  6. I know several people who were born on Christmas - their families usually do a good job of making sure they have their own day too though :-) Great to "meet" you too!

  7. Happy Birthday! I live in Delaware and have never gone to Longwood Gardens #bucketlist

  8. Oh, you really need to go! I like it so much better than Winterthur. We used to have a garden pass and would go at least once a season. We only lived 20 minutes away and it was our go-to place to take visitors.

  9. Happy Birthday! Very pretty. We have a lot of holiday birthday's here and they all say the same thing about getting jipped. We have something similar here called the trail of lights. Looks like you had fun!

  10. It really hasn't bothered me until this year. I realize that it isn't about me anymore, but it would be nice to at least go to dinner on my birthday!

  11. I am glad you had fun in St. Louis, but as someone who also has a birthday in December, I was looking forward to your post about it;) Every year, it's the same thing....we can't go out for your birthday on this night or this night or this night, because we have this Christmas party and that Christmas get-together and that Christmas program, etc. My brother's birthday is 3 days after Christmas, so by the time we would get around to going out for my birthday, it would be his birthday, so ours would get lumped together and I wouldn't get to pick where we went to eat, which was always a big deal at our house. (Whoever was having the birthday got to choose the restaurant.) My mom always makes the comment that whoever's birthday it is is "just another day," and I have always hated that. It's only "just another day" if you make it that way, but it doesn't have to be that way.
    Anyway, this comment has gotten long! But I know how it is to have a birthday in December. And even though it's not all about you (or me) anymore now that we have kids, it would be nice if on two days of the year (Mother's Day and your own birthday), you were made to feel special or important, so I don't think there is anything wrong with waning a little celebration. A couple of years ago (I can't remember which birthday it was), I invited a bunch of people over for a game night the weekend before my birthday. It wasn't a birthday party, but I just wanted to do something fun since my birthday was coming up. A few people had said they were coming (the rest had other Christmas stuff going on or couldn't/didn't want to get childcare), and by noon the day of the party (after I had gone to the store to get all the stuff for the food), every single person except one had cancelled on me. Talk about feeling like crap!

  12. Sorry to disappoint! You know how I feel about it though :-)


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