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Friday, December 20, 2013

Things You Don't Know About My Pregnancies

You know that little game going around Facebook where you're tagged with a number and are supposed to give that many facts about yourself/your pregnancies/your dog's best friend's life? I have managed to avoid being tagged until now, when I made the comment on someone's post without thinking and was tagged with the number 8. 

I know I am sick and tired of those posts clogging up my news feed though, so I thought I would be a little different and post my facts here :-)

1. I had taken a pregnancy test at the doctor prior to finding out I was pregnant with Ewan that was NEGATIVE.
Yeah...surprise! I had swine flu and developed bronchitis and during the two week wait, went to the doctor for it. I had told him that we were trying so I took a pregnancy test just in case. Obviously it was too early to tell at that point.

2. I developed gallstones while pregnant and was hospitalized twice for gallbladder attacks.
So not fun. I thought I was dying of lung cancer of something the first time it happened. It was awful. Each time I was hospitalized, it was for almost a week at a time, with nothing to eat and only IV fluids. No one told me how bad it really was, but I was jaundiced and very close to liver failure. Gallbladder issues are no joke!

3. When I was in labor with Ewan, all I wanted was Grape Fanta.
They don't let you eat or drink anything in labor at that hospital and I wanted a grape Fanta so bad. Alan went and got me one once I was allowed to eat after my c-section. It was the nastiest thing. Figures.

4. Ewan's birth was the best and the worst day of my life.
It was the best day because it was also the day I became a mom and met my little boy. But, it was also the worst because of the trauma I went through to meet him and the after affects and the label of caesarean I now carry for the rest of my life.

5. I kicked a nurse out of my room during Ewan's labor.
Yes, I was one of those women. The epidural I had only worked on one side and I was screaming from the pitocin contractions. She came in and told me to be quiet because I was scaring the other patients. You can bet I told her to get the eff out and not come back!

6. I thought my daughter's vbac would be incredibly healing, but it's actually made how I feel worse.
I know that that sounds crazy because I got what I wanted. Well, it also opened my eyes to the difference. The difference between a c-section v. a vaginal birth, to how I should've been treated during Ewan's birth, to how breastfeeding was supposed to be. 

7. Every time I have joined a band and planned a trip to Florida, I have found out I was pregnant.
Yep, before I found out I was pregnant with Ewan, I had decided to join a community band in PA and we were planning a Higgins family trip to Disney. About two months later, we found out Ewan was on his way. Then, with Cecily, we were going to Florida for my brother and sister-in-law's wedding and I had recently decided to join a community orchestra here in Evansville. A week after I joined, surprise! Ewan's getting a sibling.

8. Even though I had to go through a horribly traumatic pregnancy and birth with Ewan, I am thankful that it has shaped me into the person I am today.
Every experience shapes us in ways we might never imagine. If I had never gone through what I did, I wouldn't be the birth rights advocate that I am. My eyes might never have been opened to the pitfalls in maternity care in this country. I am so thankful that I am so much stronger from the experience and can advocate for myself and my children in the future.

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