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Monday, December 16, 2013

Outdoor Decor

Linking up again with Bekah at re-solve and Aleshea at Glitz n Grits to show you some of our outdoor decor for #12dc.

We don't really have a lot outside, but that's because we didn't get a chance to put everything up! We still haven't raked our front yard yet because our oak tree doesn't drop its leaves until now. Then we got six inches of snow. Oops! We have a blow up Mickey and and a blow up Santa and Reindeer that are currently sitting in the garage waiting to be set up outside. Will it happen before Christmas? Who knows!

Let's start with what you can see during the day.  We have a Mickey Merry Christmas sign that we bought in the Christmas clearance frenzy we went through last year, our snowman yard flag and requisite holiday wreath. This was taken the morning after we got those six inches of snow and I love how pristine everything looks. 

These are our lights. Not much, but I love them. We are the only house on our street that has lights and they literally cast a blue hue before you even get to our corner. My favorite part is the crazy blue dots that are cast on the house by the lights. Makes it seem like a winter disco :-)

How have you decorated outside your house this year?


  1. I live in an apartment building so no outdoor decorations for me. Probably a good thing as I'd forget to take them down and be "that" neighbor in the spring!

  2. Haha! We have one of those in our neighborhood. They keep their icicle lights up all year!

  3. Beautiful decor!


  4. I like the crazy blue dots too! Very pretty! I am the only one who has lights on my street also!

  5. The Mickey sign makes me smile; when I was a kid this one house in town had those for EVERY Disney character. They were "the Disney house" at Christmas and I loved them! Sadly there were lovely thefts so they did less and less til they moved away.

  6. Sooo much snow. I don't know how y'all do it. Loving the decor though.With so much snow I bet you could get away with leaving them up longer.

  7. I can't get over the snow!! I love in Florida and it's been so hot here, so seeing the snow makes me a little jealous. It was in the 60's today and everyone here was complaining it was freezing. I saw blue dots like that at a house in our neighborhood and thought they were pretty cool. Where did you get them?

  8. We got the lights at Target last year. I live in Southern Indiana and we don't normally get that much snow here - it's pretty much completely melted after today.


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