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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Indoor Holiday Decor

I honestly haven't really been in much of the Christmas spirit this year for some reason. But, in the hopes of changing that, I thought I would show you some of the decorations we have put up around the house by linking up with Bekah at re-solve and Aleshea at Glitz n Grits for #12dc.

First off, here's our tree this year. We put it in the living room instead of the family room this year because we didn't want to chase Cecily around if she messed with it. I'm really happy with that decision. It looks like something out of a postcard.

After Christmas last year, I think we cleaned out Walgreens, Hobby Lobby and Michaels Christmas clearance. Here are a few of the things we bought for this year.

 Our Christmas card basket and holiday moose

Mickey Mouse countdown calendar

We also bought a bunch of crafts for Ewan and I to do together. I decided to do one a year; this year was a Christmas tree. 

And don't forget the requisite printable!

These are just some of the decorations in our house. How do you decorate for the holidays?

One more thing, be sure to check out my guest post over at Not in Jersey today. I'm taking part in her wedding guest blogger series for December. 


  1. OMG, how cute is your house and decorations... I really love the card basket and need to make one stat. Thanks for linking up with us.

  2. Your tree does look very pretty! I have a white tree w/red, green, and silver glitter bulbs & red & green lights. As for outside, I have a lighted pine strand around my stair rail..that's it! It's too cold to be outside! lol

  3. So glad you linked up; hope you're feeling more festive! I SO love printables this year! I have one acrylic frame that I swap out each season :)

  4. I love printables too. I have one for each holiday/season.

  5. We still haven't raked our leaves in our front yard...they're buried under snow currently. Oops!

  6. I cheated...we bought it. While I like crafty things, I so am not crafty!

  7. I had my tree up a couple days before Thanksgiving this year. My 1 year old is set on destroying, lol. Everything looks great!!

  8. I'm so glad we moved it to a different room or else my daughter would be having a ball with it. Have you tried gating you tree off?

  9. There's no way to block it off, even if it were in a different room he would be able to get to it.


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