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Friday, December 6, 2013

Birthday Recap

In answer to yesterday's question of what did the day bring...

...a few good moments, but it ended on a really crappy note. 

Alan and I went to lunch to one of our favorite spots and stopped at a local bakery next door for some treats. Even though I don't eat much sugar anymore, I couldn't resist a pumpkin cake pop and gingerbread cookie. I also also serenaded by my co-workers when I walked into the office, which was nice. The funny part was when our office head walked in and didn't see me in the kitchen but just saw everyone else singing happy birthday to no one! 

We stopped at Kohl's on our way home so I could pick up a new black bag because I cannot find where I put my old bag last spring. I have torn the house apart trying to find it but to no avail. While we were there some friends of ours texted and asked if we wanted to meet them at our local pizza spot since we usually go on Thursdays. Because the weather wasn't bad yet, we went and had a really good time.

Then, once it started sleeting around 10:30 at night, our furnace went out. Are. You. Kidding. Me?! We had been intending on calling this morning on it because it started making a weird noise a couple days ago but we had to turn it off because it sounded like the fan was going to come flying off through the basement. So, we've been stuck with no heat all night and today until we can get the furnace looked at. Who knows if it needs to be replaced or not.

A possible multi-thousand dollar repair or replacement. Happy Birthday to Me! 


  1. Sorry about the furnace :/ But at least the majority of your birthday was good…and at least your birthday party didn't have to get rescheduled and break your poor little almost 9 year old hear :( Stupid winter weather!!!

  2. ugh that sucks about the furnace. hope you are ok now!

  3. We were able to get it fixed by Friday afternoon, luckily. The blower literally blew apart! The guy came out in the middle of all the snow and ice and was trying to find a blower that would work with our furnace. I'm so thankful he did because I'm not sure what we would have done!

  4. Ugh! Don't you wish you could just go cut them down :-)

  5. Yeah...we didn't and now we're stuck with the horrible neighbors!


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