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Thursday, November 7, 2013


Being that it's November, I thought I would write about something I am thankful for: the opportunity to see my grandmother one last time.

See, my grandmother is not doing well and I received a phone call earlier in the week that I needed to get up there ASAP because she probably wouldn't make it through the week or even that day. While she has made it through the week, I will be surprised if she makes it to Christmas, which was supposed to be the next time I was in town. So, I'm extremely thankful I was able to get up there for a few hours, even if it meant only three hours of sleep and leaving at 4AM to get back to work.

Not everyone gets the chance to see a loved one one last time and say goodbye. My cousins didn't, unfortunately they are too far away or were unable to get up there. A coworker told me that he regrets that he was never able to say goodbye to his grandfather and I know I am lucky.

ETA: My grandma passed away early this morning. I will always be thankful for this one last opportunity.


  1. So glad you got one last visit in!

  2. Me too. I almost didn't make the drive but I'm so glad I did! One of my cousins got to see her the night before she passed away and I'm really glad she did.


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