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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

On Being an Only Child

I got to spend some time with my cousins over the weekend and I loved observing the dynamic between them. I'm sure they have arguments at times - I definitely remember several instances when we were kids - but, they all get along well and have a lot of fun together. It did make me realize something though. I really really wish I had siblings so I could experience that too! 

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With my cousins, aunt, uncles and mom
I have always said that I love being an only child because I get all the attention and never had to share anything within my household but the truth is that as I have gotten older I wish more and more that I had siblings. Through no fault of their own, I feel alone at family gatherings like this a lot of time. My aunt and uncle and cousins in general are very good to me. But, I just don't have that bond that they do with each other.

I am somewhat close to my sister-in-law; however, it's still not the same as that sibling bond. She's also an only child, so I'm sure she understands my feelings. Alan, on the other hand, thinks I'm nuts. However, he has siblings. He also thinks I'm nuts for wanting more kids. Yes, my children have a sibling. But, I would like them to have more than one so that they can hopefully have that dynamic that my cousins do.

Are you an only child or do you have siblings? Do you wish it were the other way around?

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  1. Well you know I am an only child, but I always wanted to have siblings. Unfortunately for my Mom, she experienced unexplainable infertility after having me. She also wanted a larger family it just wasn't in the cards. We are so blessed to have Brother/Sister in Laws but I absolutely agree - its not the same. I would love that bond that a sibling gives you but we can only work with what we've got ;) I am the same way in the idea that I want a larger family because I also feel like children should have friends and siblings to grow up with, to lean on when times get tough and to love them unconditionally. I think Alan MAY come around one day and let you bless E & C with another brother or sister, Chris on the other hand doesn't have a choice ;) Haha. Ps. We don't hang out much…and we REALLY need to change that…like STAT! What are you doing this evening? Chris is off and I can totally leave the kids for a few hours - just saying :D

  2. I'm not sure I knew you were an only child! or I forgot. I have one brother, but I wish I'd grown up with a sister!

  3. Well, technically I have a half brother and sister that I have never met. But I consider myself an only child because I was raised as one.

  4. What a great idea! I signed up :) Fingers crossed I can stick with it ;)

  5. Am I not seeing anything - how do you enter?

  6. I signed up :) Thank you for posting!

  7. The rafflecopter should be below the graphic.

  8. i get along better with my siblings that are much, much younger than me than the one closest to my age. we fought like cats and dogs growing up!

  9. My kids are close in age, just 22 months apart. They're only 2 and 1 but as of right now, they get along well most days. I'm sure that will change as they get older though!

  10. It's such a great idea so I joined in too!

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