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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Splendor

The leaves are finally changing in Southern Indiana and this past weekend we took a walk in our local nature preserve to enjoy the color. I love so many things about fall, but the vibrant hues of the changing leaves are by far my favorite. I love taking walks amongst the color and just losing myself in the beauty of it. Before kids, Alan and I used to take fall foliage trips when we lived in Pennsylvania. Maybe one of these days we will again, but for now I'm totally taking advantage of this wonderful place about ten minutes from my house. 

We're getting Cecily's one year and some family photos taken this weekend so hopefully the leaves will stay beautiful! 

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  1. the leaves are changing here too, but it's been raining and knocking them all off the trees!

  2. Shh! We're getting our photos taken this weekend and the leaves better still be there! :-)


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