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Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas Before Thanksgiving? No Thanks!

I have seen many blog posts and Facebook photos that show people already putting up their Christmas decorations. To each their own, but I personally think that's crazy to do so before Thanksgiving!

 Our Charlie Brown tree the one year we did decorate 
before Christmas, when I worked at Target in PA.

Alan has been bugging me for weeks to decorate for Christmas - no thanks! I know there are many reasons one may decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I think that fall and Thanksgiving are already overshadowed by Christmas and Halloween and they deserve all the time they can get. I feel like I put my fall decorations out in September, only to take them down in October for Halloween, then put them back out in November until Thanksgiving. Don't worry, we'll have Christmas music playing, drink hot chocolate and I'll bake gingerbread cookies. But, it will be the day after Thanksgiving, right Alan? :-) 

I get it, I really do. Everyone loves Christmas; I do too. My birthday is at the beginning of December, so it's like a month of celebrations at my house. But. Thanksgiving is an important holiday too and it deserves its own day. If things keep going the way they are this year, it's going to be completely surpassed next year - stupid retail! Maybe it's because in my house growing up, we didn't put up the tree until not too long before Christmas and then it stayed up until the end of January most years but, I just get a shudder when I see Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving!

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  1. You are right. My b-day is on Dec 22, so I would get presents for my bday, then Christmas, and then on January 6th in South America we celebrate the "Three Wise Man" (king's day) and I got even MORE GIFTS. Oh how I loved that! We put the tree up on Black Friday the kids can't wait. I just found your blog and I invite you to link up to our blog hop and link party @ Hope to see you there. Newest follower through FB, twitter and Pinterest ;-)

  2. December is a crazy month in my family. There's my birthday, then my mom, uncle, niece and nephew all have birthdays...not to mention friends who also have birthdays during the month! My son's birthday is January 5, so we keep our tree up until Epiphany. Thanks for stopping by - I just linked up!

  3. I totally agree! And it's really bad this year since Thanksgiving is so late! Even I am getting the itch to decorate!

  4. Everyone keeps saying Thanksgiving is so late this year, but to me it doesn't seem like it at all. For some reason it always seems like there's just a week between it and my birthday.

  5. I have a few fall things that I put up outside, such as flags etc, that I have to take down to put up Halloween because I don't have anywhere else to hang the Halloween ones. Other than that, I do usually just add Halloween to the mix :-)


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