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Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Cecily!


My beautiful baby girl, today you are ONE! Where has this past year gone? A year ago today, at 5:34 PM, you helped me prove to everyone (and myself) who doubted us that my body was in fact not broken. For that, I will forever be in your debt. My life changed forever that day and it's because of you. You have helped to heal me somewhat from the traumatic birth of your brother. It's because of you that I realized it doesn't have to be that way. 


Little girl, you have brought me so much joy and shown me that there is room in my heart to love two babies. I have enjoyed so much watching you grow and getting to know your little personality over this past year. I love your smile, the way you light up when you see me at daycare, how your eyes always seem to find mine when we're nursing, and your snuggles. I love how you crawl over to the corner of the couch after nursing to sit and smirk like you're the Queen, how you look up to your big brother and how you hold hands with him in the car. I love everything about you.


While I am sad that you're quickly moving into toddlerhood, I am also so excited to see what the future brings to you. I am so excited for you to experience life and find your passions and to support you with whatever you do.


I love you my princess!


  1. She has the best smile. Happy birthday! And your man looks so sweet in the first pic!

  2. Thanks! That was taken literally a few minutes after she was born. I cannot believe it was a year ago already!

  3. Happy birthday to your cute girl!

  4. One year!!! She is so so precious!! (:

  5. so many celebrations this week! happy b.day!

  6. Yes! I haven't even mentioned extended family. My mil's birthday is Sunday :-) We have nieces and cousins and my fil's birthday that are all earlier in the month. October is INSANE for us!

  7. Super precious! I love that she looks like she is about to attack you. Jack will be one in less than 2 weeks. Insanity! It has been such a long but short year.

  8. aww Happy Birthday to your little princess! So sweet!


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