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Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy 30th Birthday!

Today is Alan's 30th birthday. So, in honor of his birthday, I thought it would be fun to tell you 30 random facts about him that you may or may not know. Enjoy!

1. He goes by his middle name. His first name is also his dad's name.
2. He is almost two years younger than me.
3. He graduated high school at 17.
4. He did car shows in high school and college (as in Fast and the Furious - which cracks me up!)
5. He doesn't like pumpkin.
6. Or anything coffee cake-like.
7. He once petitioned his school principal so he didn't have to take choir.
8. He's very silly, even though people that don't know him well think he's quiet and serious.
9. He also loves to play practical jokes. Just ask him about the time he trashed his friends room for his birthday. 
10. He can't drive a manual transmission (which drives me crazy because I miss my old car that was a stick so much!)
11. He's allergic to dogs.
12. He won't finish the last bite of anything and has to leave a tiny corner of something on his plate.
13. He also can't order anything that someone else at the table has ordered, which is why he always orders last in case he has to use a back up.
14. He doesn't like grape flavored anything.
15. He loves mid-century modern architecture and often says he was born in the wrong decade.
16. His favorite architect is Michael Graves.
17. The only times he has traveled out of the country is when he's been with me.
18. He loves to go to auctions.
19. He's allergic to nature, yet faithfully mows the lawn for me.
20. His first car was a Taurus.
21. He's incredibly artistic.
22. And an excellent cook, even if he doesn't do it that often.
23. He loves Tim Burton.
24. Some of his favorite movies are The Nighmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands.
25. One of his favorite bands is Everclear.
26. He also loves the Discworld series and Terry Pratchett novels in general.
27. His favorite restaurant is Red Robin.
28. He likes all the veggies I don't and vice versa.
29.He used to dress as a monk at his job as a tour guide.
30. He's going to get me back for telling all of his "secrets." :-)

Happy Birthday Love!



  1. Happy Birthday! I didn't know you were such a cradle robber! ;)

    Oh, Red Robin...I worked there for a year and a half back in the day.

  2. I am! :-) We almost always go to Red Robin when we go out to eat. He loves it and it's usually fast so it's easier to entertain the kiddos. I always think of the movie Waiting when I think about restaurants like that.

  3. happy birthday! some of these facts remind me of Dave - he loves practical jokes too.

  4. We would play jokes on each other in grad school but we were always afraid to mess with him because he will wait months and really plan it out to get you back!


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