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Monday, September 9, 2013

Yard Sale!

This past weekend we had a yard sale at our house. Now, I have been to yard sales and even put stuff into a yard sale, but never actually had one before. Holy cow that's a lot of work! We invited three other families to take part and it turned into a huge sale.

 With a ton of baby stuff.

While we had a good turnout, it wasn't as good as expected. Why you ask? Well, we picked a weekend that there was not one, but two kids consignment sales going on. Oops! We still made almost $600 between all of us though. I put a couple of the bigger baby things that didn't sell on the local Facebook selling pages and the people on there are out of their minds! I had this one lady message me wanting to pay $5 for our baby swing. I don't think so! I'm all for getting a good deal, but 95% off? Not a chance lady!

Lesson learned though. Next year we'll make sure there's not a consignment sale going on the same weekend!


  1. We are going to have a lawn sale soon hopefully. I realized after a little cleaning that I have so much stuff that needs to go.

    I nominated you for an award :) Check out my post from Sunday http://www.ashsrightdirection.com/2013/09/sunshine-award.html

  2. There's lots of other tips- put up signs, ad in the newspaper, sell food/drink, play music...your prices likely still beat that of the consignment sale (though it WAS labor day weekend). I bet you could sneak another in before it gets too chilly.


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