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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Travel Thursday: Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

During the summer of 2009, Alan and I ventured to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.  It's right off of the PA turnpike and we kept seeing signs when we would drive back and forth to Indiana. Since it was only two or so hours away from where we lived in Philly, we decided to go. I remember going to one in Wisconsin when I was in middle school and loving it, so I was so excited!


We drove through Lancaster County on the way there, which is Amish country. There are plenty of Amish in Northeast Indiana, where I grew up, but I still couldn't resist getting the requisite buggy photo.

The day at the faire was HOT, sweltering hot. But, we still got to see jousting, and my personal favorite medieval weapon, the trebuchet.




The trebuchet is seriously cool. It's like a catapult, but can hurl large items weighing up to 300 lbs about 300 yards. That's a piano being thrown three football fields! It was the seige weapon of choice in the Middle Ages and it's easy to see why...and now you're seeing what a history nerd I really am... :-)

Mount Hope Winery is located adjacent to the faire so of course I had to stop as it was the perfect ending to the day. I still have the bottle I bought in my wine rack. That's what being pregnant and/or nursing the last three years will do. Maybe one of these days I will open it!


  1. ahhh your renn fest looks a lot like ours - we're going at the end of the month (yay for winning free tix!)

  2. I really want to go to the ren faire here this year! we went once in tuxedo ny but not in kansas yet!

  3. Aw so cool!!! I want to go to a Renaissance Fair!!! :D

    I found your blog on the blog hop, and am now following! :D

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