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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How My Kids Got Their Names

I was catching up on blogs the other day and this post by Ashley gave me an idea. As you know, my kids' names are definitely not the norm. And, well, I have an obsession with names. I love learning the meaning and origin of names and I especially love finding out what people are going to name their children. So, I thought I would tell you about their names!

Ewan: Scottish, born of yew.
I fell in love with the name Ewan when I studied abroad in England during college. Ever since, I said that if I had children and had a boy, I wanted to name him Ewan. When Alan and I started dating and we talked about baby names, he liked it too, so when we found out I was having a boy, there was no discussion. Ewan's middle name, however, is another story... :-)

Cecily: English, blind of self beauty
Alan and I actually had a deal when I was pregnant with Ewan that if he was a boy, we would name him Ewan and if he was a girl, we would name her Cecily because Alan loves the name. When we found out I was having a girl the second time around, we threw several names out there in addition to Cecily - Madeline, Amelia and Fiona - but we kept coming back to Cecily. She fits her name perfectly!

My kids' names are unusual and I wouldn't have it any other way. I was one of two Holly's in my school growing up and I loved the fact that I wasn't "Holly R" like so many other kids were because there were three with their name in my class. There are names out there, like Liam for example, that I really like but I would never name my child that because it's become so popular. Some may think I'm trying to be "trendy" but I'm really not! I love the fact that neither of my children's names have been in the top 1000 names of the last 13 years in the US according to the Social Security Administration's popularity search.

Why did you pick your children's names?


  1. One of the reasons we chose Theodore is because it's not a "popular" name. Although back in 1904 it was quite popular, thanks to Teddy Roosevelt!

    1. We definitely don't like common names here either. If it's in the top 100 forget it!

  2. With an Ashelia and an Emrys, we're not likely to have anyone sharing our kids' names. We wanted unusual names also, but nothing too outrageous. I wouldn't trade the names we selected for anything.

  3. I love names too. I love hearing about how people chose their kids' names, thanks for sharing!


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