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Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall is in the Air!

Happy Monday everyone!

It's officially been fall for over a week and I think fall weather may finally be here to stay in Southern Indiana! We went to the fall craft show on Saturday and it was in the 80s and hot. Blah! Then this morning, we woke up to rain and 65 degrees. I could do without the rain, but I will take the cooler temps!

Because it's definitely feeling like fall around here, I decided to decorate the house with all the goodies we bought at the craft show on Sunday. I don't like to decorate for Halloween until October because I feel it's overkill. But, October starts tomorrow so it's ok, right? :-)

Here's the overall effect (Pardon the slightly blurry photo, I had an eleven month old wanting to play with the camera!):

Here's the wreath:

 And my foyer table:

These are just a few of my fall decorations for my favorite time of year. I love it!

What are you favorite fall decorations?


  1. Me too! Is it bad that I have separate decorations for fall and Halloween? :-)

  2. We went through the entire craft show, all 6 buildings and I kept coming back to this wreath. I love it!

  3. I am so ready to put up fall decorations - it's on the list for this week!

  4. I have a mulled cider candle and I put in a pumpkin roll tart in my tart burner, so my house definitely smells like fall. I've also been debating creating some printables that I can switch out for each season. Just have to find a place to put the frame!

  5. it's so cold in the morning here, but in the 80s in the afternoon! no clue what to wear or how to dress the kids. however, we did put some pumpkins on our front steps!

  6. It's creeped back up into the upper 70's here. It's awesome that there's no humidity but I really wish it would cool down a little so I can have my perfect fall day :-)


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