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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Travel Thursday: Mer de Glace

Have you ever had one of those moments where you see something of such beauty that you are truly awed and speechless? I had one of these moments when I traveled to Chamonix, France and the Mer de Glace in the French Alps. 

This is part of one of my favorite trips when I studied abroad. I went to Geneva, Switzerland to visit my friend Mindy who was studying abroad there at the same time I was in England. But, I will save all of Geneva for another post :-) The weekend I came to visit, we took a day trip to Chamonix to go to the Mer de Glace and the ice cave. We took a train through the Alps and while I didn't get any pictures, it was so awesome to travel that way. I remember watching the cars fly by on the extremely high bridges in the snow and thinking that I was so glad we were on a train!

It was late November and when we got to Chamonix, the town was starting to be decorated for Christmas. The town itself was so cute, definitely something you'd expect to see in the Alps. I also remember someone asking us for directions, which made our day. To me, it's the ultimate compliment for someone to not realize you are a foreigner!

Chamonix sits in a valley and unfortunately when we were there, the mountains were covered in clouds so you couldn't see anything. We were both worried that we wouldn't be able to see anything at the glacier but we decided to go up anyway. Boy was I glad we did. Once we got above the cloud cover, it was BEAUTIFUL! My pictures honestly don't do it justice. 

The ice cave was closed for some reason, I don't remember why now, but it didn't matter. It was so great to just explore and take photos. I remember just staring at the beauty of it all. Being from Indiana, I had never seen anything like it. I have been to Colorado and up Pike's Peak, but the Alps are totally different. They are full of this pristine, jagged beauty whereas the Rockies seem more rugged to me.

If you ever get the opportunity to travel to the Alps, do it! 


  1. So pretty!

    My cousin just started a blog - I will be sending her your way. She just moved to the Netherlands as an au pair. Have you been?


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