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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kentucky State Fair 2013

This past weekend, we went with Alan's parents to the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville. I know, we live in Indiana so why didn't we go to the Indiana State Fair? Well, it's in Indianapolis, which is three hours and a time zone away so that means getting a hotel for the weekend. The Kentucky State Fair is in Louisville and Alan's parents had free that works for us! 

Ewan still got to see animals...even though Cecily was quite perturbed.
That's better! Riding along in our yard sale sit and stand stroller that fits in my trunk!
 We each got to chose a favorite Christmas tree.

I got a chance to be silly with my kids.
And Ewan got his "drivers' licence"!
While all of us were a little grouchy at the end and in desperate need of naps, it was an overall good day!


  1. that is quite the collection of Christmas trees...

  2. looks fun, especially the rocking chair!

  3. It looks like y'all had lots of fun! I've always wanted to sit in one of those massive chairs.


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