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Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's Their Loss...Right?

I'm sorry if I'm a little down tonight. Something happened earlier that really hurt my feelings and I need to get it off my chest. 

I belong to a crunchy moms meet up group on Facebook and someone posted about wanting to set up a multi-family garage sale for September. Well, it so happens that we are having a multi-family yard sale in September, so I posted that she was more than welcome to join us. She seemed really excited about possibly joining our sale so I even private messaged her giving her the details. Did I get a response? Nope. I get an email notification from the thread tagging a bunch of other people saying that some other woman is going to host it and they should all put their stuff in. No response to my message saying hey, thanks but no thanks. Nothing. 

I have continued to receive notifications all day from others posting about wanting in because I had posted on the thread. I just think that it is so incredibly rude and disrespectful to just completely ignore that I said anything. I know that I shouldn't let it bother me so much, especially since I don't know the woman personally, but it does. It really does.

This incident has just made it so incredibly clear that I will never belong in the crunchy circles here in Evansville. I try to be active with what I can, yet I constantly feel like an outsider at everything I attend or comment on, etc. It's like it's a special clique here and if you don't happen to be friends with the right members, then you're shunned.

My feelings are so incredibly hurt right now. Especially because I feel like I have consistently put myself out there only to be shot down, whereas one of my good friends is more accepted for some reason (I know the person in question will read this, so please don't take it as something against you, I'm just making an observation!). Yes, I'm more of an introvert a lot of the time, but I don't think I come across as completely unapproachable.

I just don't get it and it's incredibly frustrating. I actually wound up leaving the group because seeing anything from it was just upsetting me more. I have some to realize lately that there is enough in my life that upsets me that I can't change right now so I need to eliminate the things that upset me that I can change. Trim the fat, that's my new motto.

I know this is a lot of rambling, but I'm just typing my thoughts as they come. Tomorrow is a new day and it'll be better, right?

Here's a pic of my kitties chillin' on our balcony in PA. Cute kitties always make you feel better :-)



  1. The sucky truth is. cliques are everywhere. Some people don't grow up sadly. But it's better NOT to "belong" in those situations anyway. You will find or start something better, I'm sure!

  2. I'm sorry that happened. :( You're right. Their loss!

  3. I get how you feel totally. I hate not fitting in but I always seem to be one of the people who doesn't. is it possible the girl didn't get your message though? sometimes if you aren't friends with someone the messages go to your other folder, so she may not have seen it?

  4. That's right, tomorrow is a new day - don't let those crunchy B's get to you. I'm sorry they are making you feel the way you feel, I don't post much in that group and don't plan on it. They do seem pretty cliquey - hopefully you will find your group on Mommas, maybe start your own group? Just a thought...I'd join it! Even though I'm not super crunchy - haha, anything to support my awesome Sister in Law that I never see or talk to anymore....HINT!


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