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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Travel Thursday: Edinburgh, Scotland

I decided to create a new series, Travel Thursday, in lieu of Throwback Thursdays. Since most of my travels are from when I was in college or grad school, it seems fitting that I combine the two. 

This week, I'd like to tell you a bit about my trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. 

I'm sure the guy in the background just loved being in my picture ha!

I've always had an interest in Scotland since that's where my family came from before coming to America. Several family members have a huge interest in genealogy (myself included!) and have done a lot of research so it was really neat to be in the country where my ancestors are from.

Edinburgh is really old world and I loved walking the Royal Mile, the main street between Holyrood House, the Queen's official residence and Edinburgh Castle. It's also where I went on my first pub crawl and got my tattoo! 

There are lots of hills within the city and one of the places I climbed was Arthur's Seat. It is part of an old volcano in the middle of the city. I wound up climbing it alone because none of my friends wanted to but it was so worth it. The views of Edinburgh and surrounding area were awesome!

Edinburgh Castle is on the opposing hill

We stopped at Housesteads Fort along Hadrian's Wall on the way back to Harlaxton and I was so excited. I had just taken a Roman archaeology class the semester before and it was so neat to put my knowledge to use. Hadrian's Wall was a wall constructed by the Roman emperor Hadrian to keep the Picts out of the Roman Empire. It stretches for 73 miles across northern Britain. 

I highly recommend a trip to Scotland and Northern England if you ever get the chance. It's beautiful and somewhere I would love to go back to!


  1. so pretty! I need to go to pretty much all of Europe!

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