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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Single Parents

I'm not a single parent, however, my husband and I go out of town on occasion for work so there are times where I am the only parent for a few days. The longest I have been the one and only parent was for two weeks when Ewan was about 8 months old. That was really hard. He was cutting FOUR teeth at once and didn't sleep well at all. I honestly don't remember much about those two weeks, they are a sleep deprived blur.

How cute is baby Ewan :-)
Alan was out of town for a few days while I was on maternity leave with Cecily but this week is the first week that I have been alone with Ewan and Cecily while working. I'm exhausted! I swear, it's like Cecily knows that I'm the only one there because she woke up FOUR times Sunday night. Normally, it's two. She also woke Ewan up last night and proceeded to stay awake for almost two hours! Ewan definitely knows Daddy isn't here and he keeps telling me that daddy is on a rocket ship flying through the sky like Einsteins (which, for those of you in the know, is part of the theme to Little Einsteins, silly kid!). But, Ewan is also being a little terror, mainly because he knows Daddy isn't here. It's a lot of fun, ha!

Single parents, I give you props. Doing this by yourself definitely isn't easy!


  1. I so agree. Dave is going away again soon and I dread it every time. it's just that presence of someone else that is so helpful!

  2. I was raised by a single mother, and while I always respected the sacrifices she made for us, I never really understood until now! My baby isn't even here yet, and everything already seems so daunting--I can't imagine doing it without DH!

    1. My mom was a single parent too who also worked. I have no idea how she managed to do all she did.


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