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Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday: I haven't written a Friday's Letters post in what seems like ages. Truth be told, I just haven't had time lately. 

Dear Husband: I am going to miss you terribly while you in California. You haven't even left yet and I already can't wait for your return. 

Dear Ewan and Cecily: Please, please be good for me while Daddy is away. I honestly don't think I can handle it if you both don't sleep!

Dear Next Week: Please go by quickly so my husband will be back home again. We are not complete without him!


  1. I can't imagine my husband going out of town right now! I have a 6-week-old, and it's exhausting! I need that extra set of hands. Of course, you've got TWO, so why am I complaining!? Ha - hope that all went well :)


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