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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Viva Las Vegas!

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While Holly is on vacation soaking in the sun, dipping her toes in the water and taking it easy I am taking over her blog today! So hello to you!
Vacations are always something I look forward to. The days leading up to a trip is like waiting on Christmas to arrive. Checking the lists twice, preparing for the open road and of course the excitement of all new things to come!
I am a picture taker to the ultimate maximum. At every given opportunity I will take anywhere from 200-800 pictures. Everyone calls me their Personal Paparazzi because I am constantly taking pictures of everyone and everything. Hey we must not miss a moment, right?
My all time favorite vacation would be when the hubs and I took a trip to Las Vegas. If I could live there it would be a dream! The nightlife is for me! I love that everything is busy, on the go and so bright and colorful!!
If you haven't had the experience of Las Vegas, here is a little tour guide of our favorite spots to visit!
Las Vegas strip
The Venetian Hotel
The Gondola rides are very romantic!
The Stratosphere is awesome! 3 thrill rides on top and a spectacular view!

Carnaval Court has to be the coolest bar in Las Vegas
The bartenders perform flame throwing acts and balance fifths of alcohol on their noses and heads! They also have a live band!
Besides the atmosphere, the margaritas are the
Circus Circus is a very kid friendly themed hotel. Full with thrill rides, live shows and water slides for any age!

The Bellagio is amazing! The nature theme indoors is gorgeous and a very uplifting atmosphere

A view from the Bellagio from the Eiffel Tower

Freemont Street is incredible! They put on light shows with music every hour. This vacation the theme was the Beatles

Another show Las Vegas hosts is the exploding volcano at the Mirage hotel. The show starts at 8 and goes every hr until midnight

If you are a shopper Las Vegas Blvd is filled with shopping centers, boutiques and yummy places to eat!

We stayed at Ballys and loved every minute of it. The hotel has a restaurant that stays open 24 hours with $1.50 margaritas and $1.00 tacos! It is very clean, has a friendly staff and seemed to be one of the less busy casinos! The pool was just as nice as well! All around it was a win win!

If you haven't visited Las Vegas yet I highly recommend it!
The scenery is amazing and you never run out of things to do!
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  1. Ha, I take a crazy amount of photos as well and I just LOVE Las Vegas! My husband and I went during spring break one year before we were married and had a blast. Such great pictures!!!


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