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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Harlaxton

I know I mentioned Harlaxton in my first Throwback Thursday post, but I wanted to rewind a little and tell you about where I studied abroad before I tell you anything else about my adventures in England and Europe.

image 01
My first view of the manor.


Living and studying here was a dream. I went in the fall of 2002, and as one of the first classes after September 11, we were really small, only 80 of us when there are normally 150 or so students. I loved it. Because we were such a small class, you knew everyone and we all got to live in the manor. Some students live in the carriage house if you're part of a large class.

It was hands down the best semester of my undergrad or grad school career - and the only semester I managed a 4.0! Actually, it was probably some of the best times of my life. I highly recommend studying abroad, even if it isn't here. Living abroad changed me in so many ways, for the better. It helped me grow up. I think about it often and cannot wait to take Alan there someday (and maybe the kids if they're lucky! :-) ). Reunion trips are offered every couple years or so, but the only time I've been back is during spring break of my senior year of college.

How would you like to have class here?
Ever since I was little, I've always had an interest in English history and living and studying amongst what I had read about was amazing. You could say that being over there fueled my obsession with England, just a little bit :-) Funny story, Alan and I had been planning a trip to the Olympics last year, until we found out how expensive it would be to go at that time. So, we decided to push it back to October but for some reason we decided to hold off just a little bit before buying our plane tickets to see if they would drop a little...the next day I found out I was pregnant with Cecily...and due in October. I am so glad we decided to wait! We said that we would go by our 5th wedding anniversary, which is next year, so I guess we're going back in a year or so!

But, I digress :-) Harlaxton Manor is located just outside of the market town of Grantham, in the village of Harlaxton. It's an hour by train from London and about 30 minutes from Nottingham. I took advantage while I was over there, traveling all over the UK and somewhat on the continent - but you will have to wait for those stories!

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