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Monday, June 24, 2013

Jamaica Mon!

I'm on vacation this week! Woo! I didn't want to leave you all hanging, so I am having several of my favorite bloggers post about some of their favorite vacations. First up is my girl Bekah over at re-solve.

Until meeting Sean, my travel adventures were sadly kept to a minimum.  Every summer growing up, our "vacation" was a weekend visit with my dad's family. There was one trip to Disney, but otherwise, not much in the travel department. In high school, I thankfully had the chance to go on some summer missions trips/camps as well as FINALLY see a beach for the first time with a friend - at age 16.

My travel frequency began to increase (much to my delight) when I started dating Sean. There were family reunions, more Disney and beach trips, and my first ever trip to NYC!

Disney - The Crystal Palace
Mini golfing @ Myrtle Beach
All of these were amazing, but it should be no surprise when I say my favorite vacation of all time was our honeymoon. After researching some all-inclusive options and chatting with a travel agent, we decided to visit a Couples resort in Jamaica.

Couples is a four resort chain that until recently was exclusive to Jamaica. They recently acquired a resort in Jamaica that will be opening under their name in the near future. We initially chose Couples Tower Isle, but after a booking glitch, we were moved to the nearby (gorgeous) Couples Sans Souci!

Jamaicans are hospitable and make your experience fun from the airport lounge til you want to cry on your way home! The two hour drive from the airport to the resort felt like nothing as the driver and passengers alike chatted like old friends on a road trip. You arrive to champagne and a cool towel while you are checked in and someone carries your bags up to your room (in our case, a lovely one bedroom beachfront suite!)

Not a bad view, eh?
The resort offered many activities including glass-bottom boat, snorkeling, scuba, even kayaking, and sports. We indulged in a few, but mainly shoved our faces and hung out at the swim up bar with other vacationers and the entertainment staff. Yep, they are paid to hang out with you and play games with you. They even make it seem like they enjoy it! ;)

Shame on me. I don't have a pic of the swim up bar. I guess my hands were otherwise occupied. Here is a drink AT the swim up bar (that I did NOT try) called Monkey Brains!

Aside from that, we enjoyed the stunning views...

...and the animal inhabitants whether domesticated, native, or feral.


These guys are everywhere!

We also got to relax with champagne and a free couples massage since we were honeymooners! Even better, they have a loyalty program, so if we can ever afford to go back to ANY Couples resort, we get loyalty rewards including another free massage!

In case you couldn't tell, I HIGHLY recommend Couples. I was in no way compensated for my feedback, but I sure wouldn't say no if they offered us another trip! ;)

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