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Monday, June 3, 2013


I've gotten a bunch of new readers recently. So I wanted to take time throughout the month to write at least one post a week focusing in depth on something about me that you wouldn't normally see here.

This week I decided to tell you about three fears I have.

Dogs. As much as I try not to show it, I am terrified of dogs.

I know that sounds crazy to most people, but it's true. When I was two or three, I was bitten by my great aunt and uncle's dog and I have been scared ever since. While I don't run away screaming anymore, I do get this pit of fear in my stomach almost every time I see a dog. Especially if it's barking. I recently surveyed a farm that had several dogs kenneled and not kenneled. They were fine when the guy who lived there was out talking to me, but once he went inside they followed me around barking and growling. It was all I could do not to run screaming to my car and finish my survey! Unfortunately Ewan has also developed this fear and I have no idea how to show him it's ok when they terrify me.

Another thing I am afraid of is fish. Yes, I said fish.

I have such a fear of them that I have to use a cartoon image! When I was about seven, one of my neighborhood friends that my mom had brought to the lake for me to play with picked up a dead fish out of the lake and threw it at me. Not only did she hit me, but it went down my swimsuit. I have been scarred ever since. Go ahead and laugh. I do realize it is funny. Just be glad it didn't happen to you! It's mainly dead fish because I can handle going to aquariums and such, as long as there are no dead fish. If I see one, I will start screaming and most likely curl into the fetal position. It's that bad. I can also swim in the lake/ocean no problem, as long as I don't see a dead fish or any live ones. My husband wants a large saltwater fish tank in our family room. No way. He's never seen me react to seeing a fish like that, so he just doesn't know!

I'm also afraid of flying.

I'm not really sure when or how this developed. I remember not having a problem flying, then all the sudden I was going from London to Mallorca and I totally freaked out when we had turbulence that wasn't even that bad. Ever since I've just been really uncomfortable in the air. My husband sure learned how freaked out I get on our honeymoon when I was white knuckled for our entire flight to Miami!

What are some of your fears?


  1. Finally something we don't have in common! I love dogs!

  2. I love dogs too. Maybe daddy can handle the little ones around them? The fish story is funny...and I like fish except I'm terrified of jellyfish, so there you go! The flying thing.... I think we are all secretly a little uneasy about it :)

  3. I'm terrified of deep water and needles. I think we all have our fears that seem silly to others!

    My daughter is afraid of dogs, even though we have 2 large ones that she is very unafraid of. She will wrestle, lay on, and kiss our dogs, but if she sees even a small dog she doesn't know, she runs and screams!

  4. Didn't know about your fear of dogs when you watched buster for us! And then to come face to face with buster....but we deeply appreciated it!!!

    1. Haha yes! I've been afraid of dogs since I was little. I can handle them if they just sit there but if they bark, jump or growl... :-)

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