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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Adventures with Kale Chips

Some of you may remember this photo on my Instagram:

It was my complete and utter failure at making kale chips.

Funny story...I didn't make kale was lettuce!

See, I had two bunches of greens.

The one on the left is kale, on the right is lettuce
Well, I was expecting the kale I got at our CSA pickup to look like what you see on a salad bar and it's a different variety, so I had them backwards....oops!

Once I figured it out and everyone I told had a good laugh, I decided to try again.

Much, much better!
However, I'm still not a fan. I just don't like kale. To me it's like going and picking a leaf off a tree and eating it. Gross!

I guess all the kale we get from our CSA is going into smoothies!


  1. Funny story. I steamed my kale a few days ago with some spices, whatever you like, and it turned out okay. The texture is a bit different. I'll probably do this again. Following you via bugs and beans blog hop.
    barbara @

  2. haha, too funny! i actually love kale chips, and surprisingly my kids do too!

  3. Haha, this made me laugh! Lettuce chips don't sound all that appetizing. I like kale chips, but I haven't tried to make them myself yet. I think if I ever do, I will always think of this story!


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